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Must Reads For The Week 8/30/14

Tattoo Removal Business Booming As Inked Up Teens Grow Up, by Sophia Harris, at cbc.ca.com. This shows value is subjective. Not only do different people value the same thing differently at different times, the same person values the same thing differently at different times. 544 more words

Must Reads For The Week

Call Me Ishmael

“Community is the place where the person you least want to live with always lives.”  Henri Nouwen

“Let us journey on our way, and I will go alongside you.” 1,156 more words


The bitter dark is raging as it rains

The moon is not the only thing that wanes


I hear my slow and violent teardrops 

Crimson heart aching, now begging to stop… 157 more words

The Gray Cloud

August has been the most ho-hummiest of wallow and sigh of this entire “well crap” year. I feel like I have this gray cloud raining directly over my head, like in those cartoons or prozac commercials that illustrate how that person is having a bad day. 791 more words



Now that the people have taken the country and the Police, they are mad at the Police again.  I’m sorry, but the truth is the Police have and always had the right to attack people out especially at mass after curfew. 342 more words



Like any road that meets another so our lives have intersecting points with others.  At those points we should have a set of guiding principles to help us navigate that intersection. 447 more words

Furguson...My Two Cents

Uh oh…I’m off on another tangent. I hereby issue a warning…this post has nothing to do with the gym so please feel free to close your eyes while reading it! 946 more words