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To Replace or Reupholster?

You know something needs to be done about the furniture in your waiting room, lounge, back-office, or maybe it’s your favorite desk chair. Before replacing the furniture piece all together, have you thought about the option to just reupholster? 206 more words

Gregory Grier

Gel Mattresses In Mumbai Score High On Comfort & Durability

Comfort is probably the most important factor in buying a mattress. With comfort comes good sleep and with good sleep comes someone who is ready to conquer the day ahead! 389 more words


Modern Houseboat Types With Ergonomic And Minimum Furnishing Programs by Catalog Wishes

The eco-friendly houseboat designs in this extraordinary property layout was come from the imagined of maximize the perform of the home and the placement of this residence. 38 more words

Pointers to buy a Mattress for Cheap in Mumbai

Majority people find it a tedious task of narrowing down on a perfect mattress. If you are looking to buy a mattress for cheap in Mumbai, you would most probably come across box spring mattresses initially. 383 more words


4 More Weeks

We have been quietly working away on making this Germany thing happen but after last year’s experience where we talked about it all the time to basically everybody – and then it did not happen –  I felt a little freaked about talking about it too much too early. 425 more words


Heritage - African Textiles

Lilie Design uses African textiles, which are very important in African culture and represent African cultural heritage. Lilie Design uses African textiles as a way to offer contemporary design and aesthetic character with strong historical ties. 185 more words


Here goes to my favourite list of fabrics that i SUPER like!

And the reason is that …

subtle differences …

can be loads of fun…

And sometimes, having fun in life is what makes it FUN? I like to hear from you and what you think is fun in home furnishing. 28 more words