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Bye Bye London!

So the time has come and it is finally time for me to pack up my life in bags, literally, and head off to the big bad world. 1,094 more words



After starting the second year of my extended diploma at College the pressure is on! There is so much pressure to know what you’re going to do after you’ve finished college or sixth form. 210 more words


Learning and development in an entrepreneurial world


Welcome to our first Next Inflection post.

Next Inflection is both a platform to secure my next role(s) or venture(s), and a consulting firm which supports established and new businesses in health, social care and education to achieve valuable, sustainable growth. 854 more words


Studying an MA

Studying an MA

So this post is a little bit different and I guess it’s a bit more personal as well. Over the next twelve months I will be undertaking an MA in English Studies, and as its going to inevitably crop up quite a lot on the blog I thought I would explain my motivation for continuing with education as well as what I will be doing on the course. 901 more words


Quality against casualisation – two case studies from further education in the South-West

UCU has been saying for years that casualised contracts affect the quality of education. We’ve argued that employers with highly casualised workforces often struggle to ensure that there are guaranteed staff for who areas of provision and that employers struggle to recruit and retain staff, leading to high turnover and neglect of professional development. 458 more words

Zero Hours

Finally! Some Good News! – The Prospects for Psychology Graduates in Singapore

I managed to get 2 modules exemptions off my application to Master in Counselling by Monash University. This means I am able to complete the course of four modules within a year! 184 more words

Return FE to the DfE?

Despite not having direct responsibility for the further education sector the DfE has published a statistical bulletin about progress by 16-18 year olds in all key settings. 482 more words