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Trying to Get My Life...

So I decided to continue my education in the fall last year. It is now the spring semester and it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. 177 more words

How to Use Anger to Your Advantage - Further

Anger – it’s the emotion we’re supposed to manage, minimize, and avoid at all costs. And yet, anger arises when we feel like we’ve been treated unfairly, which in many situations makes it completely legitimate. 45 more words


Think (Better) and Grow Rich - Further

Quick quiz: Jack is looking at Anne, but Anne is looking at George. Jack is married, but George is not. Is a married person looking at an unmarried person? 50 more words


When Does A Producer Become An Artist?

Ah yes, the quintessential debate that has thrown countless individuals under a compromising spotlight- What qualifies a DJ/producer as an artist? In terms of integrity and musicianship, Electronic music has received more skepticism from critics than any other genre. 1,158 more words


Vocational Teaching

I’ve just come across this great article regarding vocational teaching and how teachers / lecturers who are out of date or have never worked in industry can be detrimental to a students future. 100 more words


Further Studies Required

In the news today, a speaker for the Land Transportation Office said they are pushing through with the plan to increase toll fares but that it would require further study. 351 more words

Brain Dead Serious

Live Your Best Life - Further

Further is a once-a-week email newsletter that helps you maximize your purpose, performance, and potential. You’ll get the best hand-selected tips, trends, stories, and science about health, wealth, and wisdom – without the noise and fluff. 11 more words