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Fried Rice - Indian style

Fried rice is probably the one recipe I prepare atleast once a week. I find the reason behind it is because it goes along with pretty much any curry on the side – Indian or Chinese. 285 more words

Lunch-box Recipes

Fried shrimp and fried oyster roll

I stopped off at Tanuki to have a couple of drinks. I had already eaten a spicy tuna sandwich from the Peck bakery in Basement Two of Takashimaya. 39 more words


Kimchi Toast

There are lots of recipes that use Kimchi, but I think foreign people would prefer fusion recipes to traditional recipes. I think it is important to not lose the feeling that we feel while we eat Kimchi. 215 more words


Platypus Kitchen

No, they don’t serve monotreme meat at this restaurant. But they serve dishes with lobster and sea urchin at reasonable prices.
The appetizer, the Crustacean Bowl consists of rice, cheddar cheese, sea urchin cream and lobster was tasty. 128 more words


Apple Jalebi (Sugar-glazed Apples)

Jalebi or Jilapi is a very popular dessert in India that is made of deep-fried dough. It is then dipped in sugar syrup to give a sweet glaze all over it. 302 more words

Bite-size Recipes

Chicken Wonton Tacos

I’m a huge fan of wonton tacos, you should know that upfront. Applebee’s chicken wonton tacos are one of my favorite things to eat along with ahi tuna tacos. 284 more words


100% Whole Wheat Bread

Isn’t it wonderful to bake our own bread at home? Making a sandwich or burger with home-made bread gives such a satisfying and comforting feeling, right? 600 more words