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A couple of nights back my husband & I headed to Inchin’s Bamboo Garden in Sunnyvale, California for dinner. Tucked away in a little corner on West Washington Avenue, this restaurant is a popular Indo-Chinese fusion joint. 405 more words


Bean sprouts with Rigatoni & Pak Choy

All noodles are pasta, but not all pastas are noodles.

Pasta is a Latin word which means Paste or Dough & thus ending up being an Italian form of “dough made of different grains into different shapes” cooked into an edible state & topped with sauce & whatever else. 274 more words

Fusion Food

Epicurean Market 2014

So I went to this food and wine festival Saturday night and I returned Sunday afternoon. Tickets were $23 SGD and included two wine glasses and a four-pack of Cokes in a small can. 219 more words


In Search of Authenticity in Food

In search of authenticity as well as being open minded eaters

Authenticity: the quality of being authentic; genuineness.

We read and hear this word constantly, especially in the food world.   975 more words

Food Culture

Love Letter Pizza & Chicken

The Bulgogi Pizza!

I’ve been to this spot several times and this is the pizza that I always order. It is delicious! Its thin crust so, it’s not as filling as a deep dish. 233 more words


Maggi Chowmein Style

Instant yet elaborate… sometimes we need to taste something restaurant style but want to cut down on the time. Neither do we want to step out and eat at a restaurant at all times. 264 more words


Ever had Pak Choy(白菜) Cheese Omelette?

Pak Choy(白菜) is actually a Cantonese term, literally translated to mean “white vegetable”.  I guess it might be due to its white stems, though there are admittedly many varieties and us Asians, all over the world, somehow must ‘by hook or crook’ get Pak Choy into our pots and pans. 303 more words

Fusion Food