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Fussy Eater

Recently I have been concerned about Isabella going from eating anything to becoming fussy.. I had all the excuses under the sun, teething, illness etc but in reality she had probably just formed an opinion. 257 more words

Family Life

15 Things I'm Sick Of Hearing

1) Did vaccinations cause your Autism?

My answer to this is no. I do not believe my Autism was caused by anything, it is a part of who I am. 892 more words

Toddler Class Announcement

Class Announcement

Read all about it in the above attached PDF flyer!  Book via the online form found on the lesson schedule page.

10 thoughts about school holidays...

As we hit the middle weekend of the Easter holidays I thought I’d note down 10 thoughts about school holidays… both positive and negative!

  1. :-) No school runs!
  2. 549 more words
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Are you on team carrot?

Carrot is stupidly versatile!  I can’t think of a cuisine that doesn’t use carrots in one way or another. However, I have to admit to it being one of my least liked vegetables growing up. 224 more words

Coke Zero Quorn...

This recipe is amazing! Its fat content is next to nothing and the taste is incredible!

My Fiancé’s sister served this to me for the first time a year or so ago and I was blown over, not only with the flavour but how cheap it was to make! 278 more words

Coke Zero

Passionfruit tadpoles

One of our latest ventures to get past the sensory properties of passion fruit.. They were tadpoles and eyeballs and it was fun. And then we encouraged Master 4 to lick his fingers. 87 more words