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Shortcuts - Lentils

My daughter R is and always has been a fussy eater. Getting her to eat has been the biggest challenge of my motherhood :)

As a baby, I wished for her to grow older so that I can actually be freed of this stress. 104 more words

Fussy Eater


Wee Man doesn’t eat well.  Never has done.  And I would take an educated guess that he probably never will.

When he was born, he didn’t have the sucking reflex needed to breastfeed efficiently.  1,003 more words


Dairy Free Blueberry American Pancakes…

Dairy Free Blueberry American Pancakes…

My toddler William is lactose intolerant. This means I have to home bake or cook most of his food so I know that there is no dairy in what he’s eating. 295 more words


Giant Snowflakes!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love snow :)

I really truly do. Ask Legoman and he will tell you I turn into a crazy lady as soon as it starts to snow. 598 more words

Sneaky Carrot Pancakes!

Hiding veggies in food is really hard when your child just wont eat. The amount of times I heard health professionals ask ‘Have you tried hiding veggies in her spaghetti?’ What don’t they understand about MY KID WONT EAT? 216 more words


Turning two and turning fussy!

My previous post about weaning talked about how we ended up doing Baby Led Weaning, all of which went really well. The variety of foods E ate was fantastic. 829 more words

Kids Love Chicken Meatballs

Observing the children who participate in my classes each week, I definitely see lots of patterns emerge about what kids do and don’t like to eat.   401 more words

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