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Mass.-Based Military Program Brings Engineering to Low-Income Kids

Xavier Boss can hardly contain his zeal for explaining why one model stock car propelled by an eight-gram canister of CO2 won its race against a heavier car driven by a four-gram canister. 920 more words


Why Engineers Need To Develop T-Shaped Skills

What are the most crucial skills an engineer needs? Most people, when asked this question, may say that mathematical proficiency and technological expertise are most important. 831 more words


High Schoolers Design Better Way to Feed the World

This week, teams of high school students from around the United States gathered in Washington DC for the final leg of the Real World Design Challenge… 578 more words


Teacher Training Key to Better STEM Results

Improving education in science, technology, engineering, and math means weaving those topics into every class in every school at every grade, according to a panel of teachers, policymakers, and engineers at a conference to help mark the 175th anniversary of Framingham State University, the nation’s oldest teacher-training college. 495 more words


Robotics Teacher Succeeds Against the Odds

When the town where she taught math to middle schoolers wanted to start a class in robotics to lure students into science, engineering, and technology, Kathy Shay took the job. 962 more words


Demand for Robotics Engineers Grows

When we think of a robot, many of us might envision something like Rosie the robot maid from the Jetsons cartoon, a machine designed to do its owner’s bidding with varying degrees of competence and sass. 602 more words


Teachers Urged to Feed Demand for IoT Workforce

The continued meteoric growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), with billions of connected products worldwide, hinges on a crucial ingredient, speakers said this weekend at the nation’s oldest teachers’ college: a steady supply of developers to build it. 834 more words