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Preparing the Fruits of Your Labor

So now that all the future food has come to fruition (haha…. you see what I did there?) What do we do with it all? I mean, obviously you eat it, but how? 552 more words

Classy Noms

Plants Grow: How Not to Arrange Your Garden

Okay, so in case you needed this memo: Plants grow. I’ve never had much luck gardening, so this was a sort of news flash to me. 1,263 more words

Local Food

The Super Banana?

In recent food news, a new banana may become available on the market. The project to develop the new GMO banana has been conducted by Queensland University of Technology in Australia and supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 172 more words

Is it time to change the way we eat meat?

Meat consumption worldwide has doubled in the last 20 years, and it is expected to double again by 2040-50.

Food is a basic human need, but so is the sustainable society. 261 more words