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There are many things in life that we seem to be predisposed to as we reach adulthood we may not even be aware of, all depending on our cultural background and childhood experiences, there always seems to be a long list of things we deem as right or appropriate and others that are wrong or socially unacceptable for our age or gender; this long list of things that are gender or culturally specific seems to be changing as society evolves, but that influence is still there and does transfer to all our aspects of our lives, SL included. 430 more words

Spike Clemenceau

Working With.....

Absolutely LOVE what I do!! Inspiring and working with our future generation of leaders @ The Challenge2014!!

Here’s a photo of me and Jamal Edwards, Entrepreneur and Founder of SBTV

Personal Development

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Are we preparing our children for the future? Are we teaching them the skills that they will need to survive?

What are you supposed to do when your children are asking what they should do after high school? 350 more words

Some Days I Just Breathe

I’ve been listening to this song lately, probably because right now I am having trouble making sense of so many things – things in my personal life and events and happenings in my own country and in the world at large. 776 more words


The women who made us

Twenty years into democracy and being a woman in South Africa today, is still as challenging as it was back in 1956.

No, we don’t have to march for the revocation of pass laws.  341 more words

Lameez Omarjee

Future Americans Will Ask: Why Didn’t Congress Impeach Obama When It Could?

How will future generations look back on our gravest national emergency of all time? And how will they regard what their forebears didn’t do about it?

475 more words

Rules for the future generation

I’m gonna make this pretty short and simple since the future generation seems to be a bunch of Twitter and Instagram loving folks, no offence if you’re not. 676 more words