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In this video below, this lady says a lot. I try not to be judgmental but this woman really articulates a lot of what I’m feeling about this dumbness that is put on in the name of religion. 12 more words

Are You Kidding Me?

It Might be Time to Give my Time

I’m thinking of spending some of my holidays next year volunteering. Besides a brief stint helping out the Special Olympics one weekend (see here), I haven’t really given anything back to the community or world at large. 586 more words

Personal Experience

Three For History (2014)

1. Look back.
2. Care for today.
3. Plan for future generations.
To do-
For those who come after you.


The Last Generation to Play Outside - Not the Last to Have an Imagination

I’ve seen this type of article around quite often. Kids these days, look at them with their technology and social media. They’re sucked into their own little world! 707 more words

It's Easier to Deal With Communists Than Republicans

It’s now official:  it’s easier to deal with Communists than Republicans.  President Obama continued making progress in dealing with environmental issues when he was the first to get an agreement with the Chineses to take steps to deal with man-made global warming.  278 more words


Jesus Reconciled Us

I am forever in search of God, in search of his face, his love, his grace and his mercy. The bible says, God gives me all these things freely, but however, when you don’t know how to receive or accept it, you remain in search of it. 1,009 more words

Just in time...

I know I’ve said this before, but please don’t wait to write down your life story.

I was with a client yesterday and I can truly say I felt relieved for her, and her family, that she has preserved her memories (with our help). 200 more words

Collecting Stories