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December 18 @ Deuteronomy 29-30

Deuteronomy 29-30 (NLT) 

Discover His heart: He offers us the choice between life and death

When my grandparents left their homeland of Italy in the early 1900’s as single young people, I’m fairly certain they were not thinking about me and their other grandchildren and great grandchildren. 539 more words

Daily Devotions

Eyes on Egregious Excuses for Evil

Evil is at the door of each man’s heart, don’t let the torturers  get away with hardening your hearts. The truth will set you free. Look! 4,214 more words

Future Generations

How To Get Your Baby To Eat Naturally Healthy Food - 5 Steps

   We can only hope that the health of our children and the future generations should be our first priority.  With that in mind, I would stand to say that natural, organic, and green living is the only way to guarantee a healthy lifestyle for your baby.   778 more words


Happy Selfgiving!

Is anybody else getting whiplash from our culture that doesn’t know if it wants to give a helping hand or reach out and hit you with it? 937 more words

What is sustainability?

Dear readers,

I am excited to start my journey to sustainable living. Before I start the obvious question is, what is sustainability? Why should I live a sustainable life? 224 more words

Future Generations

Have a #Green and Happy #Thanksgiving

#Sustainability will make future generations thankful



In this video below, this lady says a lot. I try not to be judgmental but this woman really articulates a lot of what I’m feeling about this dumbness that is put on in the name of religion. 12 more words

Are You Kidding Me?