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Talking To A Wall

In light of the recent Senate vote on climate change, I had an imaginary dialogue with Lisa Murkowski, Republican from Alaska, who is the Chair of the Senate Energy Committee — a very important position indeed. 886 more words

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CB #3: What Matters To Me - Eco-Issue

Last week we were asked to look around us and see what issue we were really passionate about. Eco-issues have always been on my radar as I was heavily involved in an environmental group in high school. 567 more words

ESCI 302

The Other L.A.

The drive is cloudy and rainy. Crossing through the countryside one can’t help but feel that Southern malaise that really shines around the holidays – town after run-down town with little blown-out roadside stores; country roads with homes that seem to sag amidst overgrown, rusty fields; front yards strewn with late-model inflatable Santas that flail in the wind. 609 more words


The best speech from a 12 year old

When she gave this speech she was only 12. :)

She is awesome. Authentic. Genius. Witty. Simply amazing! 170 more words


out of style.......what a shame!

Remember when someone’s word was golden,that you said you would do something and actually intended to do it….

When promises meant something,friendship was based on real bonds and not on a ‘what can i get out of this’ basis. 125 more words



It is a MIRACLE to be alive and I’m truly grateful.  Today is MLK Jr. Day and it’s being celebrated all over the world.  There are many who still hold onto those antiquated ideas of superiority yet they obviously fail to realize that GOD is the only superior ONE! 97 more words


I'm a single black mom, not a mad black woman!

I am the first experience my two boys will have regarding a woman, so I take that role very seriously. Everyday I am careful because not only am I raising them alone, I am teaching them how to become honest and productive people in society, while at the same time needing to correct them when they’ve misbehaved. 298 more words