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Same Old, Same Old

Just a quick post to riff off a piece at Poynter today about the potential value embedded in news organizations’ archives – and how little of it is being tapped. 453 more words

Future Of News

Will Journalists Be Reduced To "Gigs?"

On Sunday afternoons in the summer, the Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic Association hosts terrific classical music concerts. The concerts are free, and they spotlight musicians with impressive resumes – schooled at the best conservatories in the country, performances at major music festivals, concert tours abroad, and awards. 417 more words


Review, Precis and Comments Re Andrey Miroshnichenko’s book Man as Media: The Emancipation of Authorship. By Robert K. Logan

Dr. Andrey Miroshnichenko, a media futurist and journalist, trained as a philologist, has written a very important book. I would go even further and say that a new star is born that students of media ecology, communications and digital media need to pay special attention to by first reading his book and then integrating his insights into their own understanding of the Internet, the World Wide Web and social media. 3,479 more words

Emancipation Of Authorship

I am NOT a journalist

I am writing my first paper for my summer class, Introduction to Mass Communication. I am required to read and evaluate two separate sources which present opposing points of view on the topic of the future of journalism. 809 more words

Rants And Venting

A New Generation: The Future Journalists Of The World.

When speaking to young journalist students you get a great sense of ambition and determination, and it is these two traits that you need to be able to reach the highest echelons of career journalism. 511 more words

Sensationalism Setting the Foundation for Future Journalism

With the progression of technology and social media in society, journalism has struggled to keep up with the times. In order to maintain relevance and interest among consumers journalism has turned to sensationalism, and in… 295 more words