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Steve Johnson is a photography legend at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications.

In his 25-year-old life, the multimedia storyteller has worked for The Orlando Sentinel, The Miami Herald, ESPN, New York Times, Reuters and Sports Illustrated, just to name a few. 394 more words



Do you find it hard to consume broadcast news? Do you always want way less or way more info than the networks back into a 3-minute segment? 252 more words

Digital Journalism

Content marketing: How companies are turning into media. Case studies

Brands are engaged in a media arms race. Creating relevant and valuable content is no longer an option, but a necessity. Traditional marketing boils down to managing brand information distribution, while content marketing strives to create conditions in which information about the brand spreads on its own. 5,263 more words

Digital Environment

Talking about the "Future of Journalism"

There has been a lot said about the “future of journalism.” What will it look like? Who is part of the conversation? Which outlets will survive? 299 more words


Melissa Bailey @ Northeastern University

On Tuesday, Melissa Bailey, a Nieman fellow, came to our class to talk about her work as a journalist at the New Haven Independent. Tuesday, Nov. 351 more words

New Haven Independent

Journalism's political crisis

In the digital age journalism faces a crisis. The crisis is not audience, purpose, style, or even content. The crisis is journalism’s intent. In the past, journalism had intent to inform the public and help it decide on issues. 553 more words


Journalists and new media

Some say that journalism is dying and every day people can become a journalist without studying the art. The more that I have studied areas of communication the more I see, in some people’s eyes, the professionalism journalists have is no longer needed. 341 more words