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"Journalism has never been more exciting"

For the index on censorship magazine, I recently wrote an article on the future of journalism. Despite newsrooms closing down and the advertising market being at a low, I gave a positive outlook as I do believe it is an exciting time to be a journalist these days. 80 more words


Will Print Survive?

I love the smell of books. I savor the sound of pages turning and the crisp texture of the paper between my fingers. Getting lost in the stacks at a library or an independent… 395 more words

Media Criticism

Response to 'Calling Higgins gay my worst nightmare'

David Monagan’s mistake in calling President Higgins an ‘acknowledged homosexual’ teaches an important lesson about accuracy in modern Journalism. This mistake occurred because of Monagan’s desire to speed up the writing of the article, in order to concentrate on a more heavily-researched story. 281 more words

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David's second blog in the JM5051 series—a reflection on David Monagan's recounting of his infamous and inadvertent online defamation of President Michael D Higgins—forecasts a grim future for the industry if there is "a lack of emphasis placed on getting facts right or double checking for inaccuracies", and applauds erstwhile Forbes writer Monagan for removing himself from “the speed and inaccuracies of new media".

Week 3 - Notes On A Nightmare

This week’s class ended with something of a warning for up-and-coming journalists, in the form of an article written by David Monaghan. In it, he writes about a “journalist’s worst nightmare” – he mistakenly alluded to Irish President Michael D. 301 more words


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With her aptly entitled 'Notes on a Nightmare' Jane O'Faherty offers this quite pessimistic response to former Forbes online journalist David Monagan's error about President Michael D Higgins. Jane considers the future for journalists to be a grim one, marked by a “persistent culture of unpaid internships and low salaries” that will “not pave the way to a news and glorious medium"…

The Future of Print Journalism Pt 2: Business Models

Online news: the way of the future

In my last post I briefly mentioned the driving force behind the decline in print journalism – declining advertising dollars. 897 more words

Future Of Journalism

Rory Lewis (JM5051-1)

Rory, a student of the Grad Dip/MA Journalism course, has posted an entertaining first entry to his blog of reflections on the JM5051 module, encompassing everything from the ‘blogging vs journalism’ debate, to a YouTube slideshow of headlines from the  536 more words

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The Future of Journalism

In an assignment for Convergence in the Media I construct my future in the field of journalism, using Inayatullah’s Six pillars: futures thinking for transforming. 10 more words