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Attention Grabbing

David Carr in an interview talks about journalism, the media and youth engagement. Social commentators often mention that Generation Y and younger are lazy, technology driven and disengaged from each other, family and society. 378 more words


The Future of Journalism

Leading media critics, David Carr and Tom Rosenstiel have both commented on their views of the future of journalism, stating that although emerging digital technologies are certainly changing the landscape of traditional media channels, they will adapt and continue to find ways of remaining profitable. 394 more words


The Future of Journalism:

As it is becoming increasingly clear through this blog, journalists and the journalism industry is an important issue in studies of the media. As a budding journalist, hearing that the industry is ‘dying’ and that the jobs are dwindling is comfronting. 319 more words

The Future of Journalism; Is It Really So Scary?

With any discussions of the future of journalism there are always those that will immediately rush to the panic button. What will happen to traditional news? 348 more words


Online Videos and Tutorial Exercise

The air we breath is digital: New media = new opportunities

The week 7 online videos spoke of the intersection between old and new media. New York Times columnist, David Carr, spoke of the evolving models of journalism and his interest in the “present future that we’re living in” (Carr, 2014). 346 more words


Escalator to Nowhere.

A question raised towards the end of Boston University’s video on the Future of Journalism provokes an interesting discussion: ‘Is Journalism education an escalator to nowhere?’ With the past changes in the media landscape jobs within journalism have become increasingly hard to get. 465 more words

Citizen Journalism

A Fresh Take on The Future of Journalism

This week I was presented with two videos to watch regarding the future of journalism – and I was not terribly excited to say the least. 453 more words