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Have your beliefs about news changed? What is the future of news?

Four months ago, we ask students in our environmental and public health journalism course at the University of Michigan to write ten, one-sentence statements about news that began with the words “I believe.” After practicing reporting and journalistic writing, critiquing news stories, experimenting with various digital forms of communication and working in teams to develop news innovation ideas over the coldest Michigan winter in memory, how have those beliefs changed? 39 more words

News Critiques


If machines could write stories as well as humans, what would you have them do? Write faster, more cheaply, and on more topics than humans can, almost certainly.  773 more words

Future Of News

CCMA highlights

You may already have heard that some of your classmates who toil away at the Spartan Daily were recently honored for their work at the California College Media Association’s annual awards banquet in San Diego. 167 more words


Computational Storytelling

So I’m off to moderate a panel discussion on computational storytelling at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism tonight.

It should be interesting, not just because the… 222 more words

Future Of News

Productize This

So it’s been a week now since returning home from the NICAR conference in Baltimore, and I still can’t get over the size of the event: 1,000 attendees, up 400 from… 732 more words

Future Of News

What's In A Name?

As Bill Adair notes at Poynter today, four of us – Bill, Laura and Chris Amico and myself – locked ourselves in a windowless conference room at Reuters last week, sustained only by cold pizza, and spent a day discussing… well, what exactly? 672 more words

Future Of News