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Terrestial, old-fashioned, non-streaming radio is still around for two reasons: Commuting. And the fact that radio companies keep a ruthless eye on costs.

They use a variety of techniques to hold down the cost of programming. 987 more words


BBC vs Local Papers - the re-match

Sometimes it’s difficult to underestimate the sheer nerve of people – where I come from in Yorkshire it’s known as having a brass neck.

The award for sheer brass neck must go to the local newspaper publishers who’ve reacted strongly to a recent suggestion by the BBC’s Director of News, James Harding, that the BBC should fill the information vacuum in the regions caused by the retreat of commercially-owned newspapers, in a report called  409 more words


The Future of News: Snapchat?

There’s a lot of uncertainly about what the future of news will look like. As of today, it looks like it might involve Snapchat.

Yes, Snapchat: the notorious ephemeral messaging app popular amongst millions of young’ns.  436 more words

A Glimpse, Perhaps, into the Future of Journalism

There has been a great deal of hand-wringing about the future of journalism in the U.S. Newspapers and general news magazines have been facing an ongoing financial crisis as their subscribers, and the majority of younger readers, look to digital sources for the news and as companies shift their advertising dollars from print media to digital sites and social media. 899 more words


Of Machines and Morality

How moral should a machine be? How moral can a machine be?

Maybe that conjours up science-fiction images of Hal 9000, Cylons, Skynet… 979 more words

Future Of News

Talking innovation, skills and the future with journalism students

After decades of not going to Sheffield, 2014 was the year I found myself there on several occasions – incidentally, what a fine city it is, once you manage to negotiate the frankly rubbish rail links that run from west to east. 1,505 more words