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Beyond Human

“Robot” journalists can’t compete with humans at the things humans do best – Slate Magazine

Slate had an interesting piece the other day about “robot” journalism, doubtless prompted by the… 782 more words

Future Of News

Future of News

We pass by it every day, see it, hear it, watch it, and scroll through it, sometimes realizing its importance, sometimes ignoring it –the News. Its many forms in today’s world have increased its significance for us.

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Who's making great online video?

Which news organisations are doing great online video?

A couple of recent articles have prompted me to take a look at this – firstly  this… 1,563 more words

TV News

Time Scales

What’s new in the news business?  Money, apparently.  And not just any money – venture capital money. The kind of money that typically chases high-growth start-ups with the potential to scale massively. 531 more words

Future Of News

Behind the scenes at Al Jazeera

Here’s a video I made showing how the gallery team work during a live news programme with some colleagues in the London office of Al Jazeera English. 93 more words

TV News

Meaningful content with lasting value and engagement

For this round of the Carnival of Journalism blog fest, my friend and research buddy Jonathan Groves posed the following questions: How do you define meaningful content that has long-lasting value? 785 more words