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TiVo is still around and it actually has a decent business

About a decade ago, people in America were using the term “TiVo” as a verb, inter-changeably with “record” (as in “I’ll TiVo that show”).

Then cable companies started putting digital video recording capability into their set-top boxes, and TiVo, the company behind the eponymous digital video recording devices, that seemingly had the DVR market all to itself, started bleeding customers and faded into obscurity. 157 more words

How HBO is molding its little sister channel into a top competitor

“Skinemax” was struggling. In 2010, subscriber numbers at the US cable channel Cinemax, which earned that derisive nickname with its reputation for late-night soft-core pornography, were flat and starting to trend downward. 698 more words

The future of CBS: digital only programming (Vator)

Sometimes I can’t believe how much media has changed in just the last 15 years. Who could have predicted how much television we would not be consuming from a device other than a television set? 21 more words

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Why American sports fans can never cut the cord

If you are a big fan of American sports, chances are you haven’t cut the pay TV cord yet—or are at least finding it very hard to do so. 401 more words

The WWE is convinced its Netflix-style experiment is going to succeed

World Wrestling Entertainment is trying something the US cable channels HBO and ESPN have avoided: making its most valuable content available over the internet, for $10 a month, and without the requirement of having a pay-TV subscription (and the associated extortionate fees/large swathes of unwanted channels). 375 more words

HBO is finally ready to break out of the cable TV bundle

The global ruler in premium pay-TV will soon offer its services in the US without requiring a traditional cable TV package. HBO is set to expand… 276 more words

American cable channels have blended into an indistinguishable swamp of reality TV

Yesterday, the American cable channel TLC announced that it changed its tagline to “Everyone needs a little TLC.” On its own, that’s not at all remarkable. 562 more words