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If you're going to lead a process, learn the process. Makes sense, right?

Always thought this was interesting: members of Congress will have regular debates (and funding sessions) around public school in America, but most members themselves send their children to private school (well, … 604 more words

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How Are You #Antifragile?

A complete stranger to me – Wouter Ijgosse – asked me to share “some of the strategies you apply to make your life or business antifragile.” 84 more words

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No one really wants bipartisanship

Of all the great political buzzwords (and there are many), “bipartisanship” might be one of the best ones. In some respects, it’s completely laughable. When you hear someone say it, you know it doesn’t really mean very much and can’t get completely accomplished (at least in the way anyone conceptualizes it). 638 more words

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Intrapreneurs Build Better Typewriters

I recently wrote about the current slow death of the institution.

It’s  increasingly obvious that the efficiencies we humans have gained in using institutions ( 460 more words


The Future of Work, according to the Greenpeace Head of IT

Andrew Hatton, Head of IT at Greenpeace, will be participating in an Industry Leaders panel session at Future of Work Summit in London on 25 November, entitled… 507 more words

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Graphic: Employee evolution past vs. future

Jacob Morgan, Principal & Co-Founder of Chess Media Group, recently published this graphic in a Forbes article about his new book titled “The Future of Work: Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders, and Create a Competitive Organization… 79 more words


Maximizer vs. satisficer is the core future of work battle

I just discovered the blog associated with ‘I Done This’ — task management software, better (less) meetings, etc. — and it’s pretty good. Here’s an entry on… 864 more words

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