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3 ways the workforce might look different in the year 2022

For most professionals on the daily grind of human capital management, the job is one largely focused on the here and now. There are usually a lot of employees under their watch who need to see their paychecks and benefits processed immediately, and this routine is continuous with no vacations. 468 more words

Human Capital Management

The future of work is becoming a 'personal gatekeeper'

In a way, all work is structured around the idea of “gatekeepers.” Most high-level people at organizations have an admin/personal assistant; to get a meeting with said high-level person, you frequently need to go through the admin. 784 more words

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Why is honesty at work so hard?

Before we begin fully, two quick stories:

1. I went to a meeting on Friday for my current job; ’twas lunch with the CEO of the company. 891 more words

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Only 13.3% of the 30 global talent hubs are in the United States

My friend blasted me at this wedding last weekend and said I read every column inch of CityLab, which may or may not be 100 percent true (but is probably close to true). 239 more words

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Future of policy admin system (PAS)

Organizations across the world are trying to identify factors which will shape their business and getting themselves ready to utilize the possibilities it provides. As Woody Allen quotes “We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives.” What do you think is the future of COTS policy admin systems? 486 more words

Future Of Insurance

In terms of leadership, we should all be spitfires

Many animal societies have “despotic” leadership models, meaning that the leaders dominate the followers. You see this in societies such as wolves, etc. Perga affinis, a type of insect common in Australia (often called a “spitfire” or “sawfly”) may be bucking this trend. 488 more words

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