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Where are the best cities for jobs for young people?

Good article from Richard Florida over at CityLab – formerly The Atlantic Cities – on where jobs are for young (25-34 year-olds, essentially) people these days. 413 more words

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IQ, EQ? Valid. How about CQ? (Curiosity quotient.)

A lot of times in job interviews, I would tell people that my main attribute — my real selling point – was that I’m a very curious person. 339 more words

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You can save two hours a day with this e-mail hack

The average person receives 50 work e-mails a day (I guess I’m below-average, harrumph). A quarter of the workforce, give or take, receives more than 100… 477 more words

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Racism, Chairs, and the Silver Set - This week in the #RoboApoc

This semi-weekly feature scours the internets for news of the Robot Apocalypse (#RoboApoc). I rate each item on a scale of 1 to Skynet 564 more words

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Should Human Resources optimize the talent or the organization?

There is possibly no more discussed topic in the Human Resources world than “getting a seat at the table” or “becoming a strategic business partner,” (can be said in other ways as well) which essentially means “being thought to add value to the organization.” I… 959 more words

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Organizations like to describe women as "abrasive"

More evidence that performance reviews are a bit of a train wreck: the context around them is very different dependent on what gender you are. If you’re a woman, they’re likely to be more negative — if you’re a man? 277 more words

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