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Commit To Something, Remain Open To Change

Let’s talk about commitment. It’s tough. There are so many temptations! Something shinier, newer, more exotic, cooler.

Standing for SOMETHING asks a lot. But we all need a place to stand. 139 more words

The Future Of Work

Pygmalion daze

Over time it came to him that most fiction, maybe all of it, from the grandest tales to the most commonplace, was about things that were missing.

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Future Of Work

Wowza! Time flies.

OMG. Has it been months since I last posted? Time really does fly when I’m in London. There’s just something to do every-single-day. Bah!

So from the previous post, I have… submitted my 6,000 word essay. 583 more words

Brief thought exercise: in your work, do you prioritize the how, the who, the where, the why or the what?

Been thinking about this a lot recently; I don’t necessarily have anything dramatically important or relevant to add to the overall conversation, but I still wanted to chime in on it (I mean, this is still a blog I maintain, after all). 390 more words

Fundamental Explainers

If (reprised)

My inspiration for this bit of Friday fun:

A blueprint for managerial behavior in the 21st century? The wonderful poem 'If' by Rudyard Kipling. http://t.co/ljRFnmirmQ…

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Future Of Work

You don't get me I'm part of the Facebook?

I don’t like generalisations about generations. But one thing about young people at work today is a fact. They are not joining trade unions.

The latest available figures suggest that less than 10% of trade union members are aged between 16-24. 563 more words

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