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The top 10 skills for a job in 2014, per LinkedIn

As year-end reviews go, anything LinkedIn does has the potential to be fairly interesting: after all, they have 350 million profiles with information about people’s professional backgrounds, skill sets, experiences, and connections. 513 more words

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The Uberfication of Knowledge

Johnny refilled the kettle for his second instant coffee of the morning. Still in his pyjamas, he took a glance at his proper coffee machine. It had been about 6 weeks since he and Susan had drawn up their emergency household budget plan, with overpriced coffee pods being one of the first victims of the new regime. 2,003 more words

The Starbucks Paradox

The future of work.  Increasingly written about, talked about, tweeted and infographiced. The bandwagon effect is in full flow.  The early adopters have come and spoken at conferences and gone.  435 more words

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What's the value of being selfish or obstinate?

If I had to sit down and make a list of the biggest changes between age 25 and age 34, I think I’d only be 3-4 items into the list before I arrived at “Meeting more selfish people, daily.” Now, there are a lot of arguments you can make before we even talk about being selfish — for example, the nine years between me turning 25 and me turning 34 also had the advent of social media and more digital communications. 1,227 more words

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Platforms and crowdsourcing: The office of the 21st century

“Disruption” is one of the most overhyped concepts of the last ten years. A Google Trend search for “disruptive innovation” shows a steeply rising graph, and you can hardly open a professional news website without reading stories about whole sectors being disrupted. 864 more words