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Who In my Life Do I Consider To Be The Most Successful?

I consider my mom to be the most successful in my life. She’s able to have a full time job and be a mother at home. 87 more words

Future Plans

The present - it really is a gift.

Something I’ve always struggled with is enjoying the present.

I am the type of person who is always preoccupied with the future – the person focusing on getting to that very next step in life. 381 more words

I Don't Want A "Better Half"

I am a firm believer in true love. I do believe that there is someone out there for me who will eventually sweep me off my feet and make me wonder why I ever settled for anybody else. 1,234 more words


Discussing the WWE's Plans for Ryback's Return

It was recently reported that WWE Superstar Ryback has been medically cleared to compete. He underwent a hernia surgery on August 26 and has been off TV since then. 551 more words


Sewing plans: Autumn 2014

I have been off work for the past three weeks, unfortunately without any energy for sitting upright I have not got any sewing done, but I have had time to do lots of planning, PDF pattern printing, and fabric purchasing (and you may have noticed, blogging). 254 more words

Graduate Choices

So, I’m trying to decide which graduate schools to apply to, and I’m having trouble doing so. Partially because I don’t know where would be best, and partially because I’m concerned I’m not good enough for a lot of places, even though I know am. 849 more words


It's Okay to Not Know What's Next

Over the last couple of years, I have consistently been asked these two questions: “why this major?” and “what do you plan to do with it in the future?” I then respond with an, “I’m not sure yet… still trying to figure it out,” knowing that my answer wasn’t satisfying to both the person asking and to myself. 718 more words

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