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College Education

The problem with education is that it is constantly changing year in and year out. When I was in the 4th grade all we did was basic of multiplication like 2×2; but the other day I saw my little sister’s homework, who is now also in the 4th grade, and she had multiplication and division problems that would normally be in middle school. 2,090 more words

My first piece of content is created!

The epiphany yesterday led to some amazing brain storming into the night. Before I knew it, it was two in the morning and I had my first module planned out. 209 more words


1st Grand epiphany!

I’ve been racking my brains trying to figure out the content of some free material I want to offer on this new business venture of mine, and TODAY I had an amazing epiphany! 145 more words


My Apologies!

すみません! (Sorry!)
I honestly meant to come back and post more…

Ok! Update time!
MY BROTHER’S GIRLFRIEND IS IN LABOR! Woo! Yep, that’s right. Within the next 24 hours (hopefullly) I will be an aunt! 416 more words

A Future Plan

Pen the Dream is expanding, improving, and becoming an entity all of its own.

The future is coming along faster and clearer than any train of thought I’ve been on. 235 more words


The Future

As graduation looms nearer, I am thinking more and more about my future.

I love my job now and have the opportunity to take part in some of the marketing activities they are starting to plan, but at the same time I want to always have a plan to take on bigger, better things. 192 more words

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Life As A Pediatric Endocrinology Nurse

The nature of nursing is a professional nursing work in the care, treatment and monitoring of patients and residents in County agencies or programs. A pediatrics nurse who works in a pediatrician’s office may spend his or her day vaccinating children, weighing babies to measure growth over time, helping a mother work out breastfeeding difficulties and speaking with adolescents about dealing with peer pressure. 273 more words

Future Plans