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Tether: The Second Story Moon

(Artwork by Jan Brett)

“I knew that it was not appropriate behaviour. It made me look shifty and nervous, or like I didn’t really want to be there.

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Authentic Self

Day 4: The Future Self Now

I always find those inspirational quotes at times annoying. If you believe than you can achieve. Really? My leg is broken, now what. Ironically, I found this… 275 more words

The Future

When all else is lost, the future still remains. ~ Christian Bovee

Science-fiction writers have long been looking ahead — getting readers to envision the future. 371 more words


Future Self

Hi folks, I hope this email finds you well, This weeks reflection comes from their weeks d-church, we held last night on Facebook, twitter and blog. 112 more words

Weekly Reflection

5 Tips to Prepare for your next Job

Seems the author of the article I read today has lived
a similar life to me

We’ve both seen some major upheaval in jobs which we thought were going along quite nicely until suddenly one day every thing had changed. 462 more words


The Confessional Poet

When I lived near Newcastle I loved kicking my weekends off with breakfast at my favourite café, where Tony knew how I liked my coffee and my eggs, and where often there was allegedly a whale to be seen out the window (by everyone but me usually, I most often missed out on a sighting, my visual acuity clearly excludes whales). 1,028 more words

Authentic Self

What’s Your Beef? Liberation Pie

It’s Australia Day and lamb and beef feature on many BBQs across the country. Kangaroo and emu too. It can be a day of contention. For some it’s a celebration, for some it’s a reminder of invasion and for others the day is about survival. 1,355 more words

Building Bridges