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Letter to Myself

I was recently going through a box of old papers, trying to find something top secret that I might tell you about one day in a galaxy far, far way… 573 more words


Conversations with my Future Self

Last year, I had an unusual dream, where I saw my doppelganger or dream double. Since that dream, I have had a succession of interesting encounters which are helping me to learn more about connections with my higher self, my future self and the nature of parallel realities. 1,442 more words

Spiritual Dreams

A Letter to My Younger Self.

They say with age comes wisdom; what they don’t say is that you’ll probably gain said wisdom by screwing up, a lot.  Life, for the most part has been good to me.   952 more words

Post no. 9 - Another 100 Day Challenge

A few years ago, New Year’s Eve of 2010 to be exact, I made a year-long challenge to take my then-eating habits to the next level.   455 more words

DL Zeta's Celestial Vision - Channelings By DL Zeta

Our consciousness is not limited to physical reality. Lightworkers have known this for some time and we are still finding new horizons for exploring the potentials of spirit travels. 1,070 more words

The land of my soul

Almost 2 years ago I got to take part in a directed waking-dream exercise. It was something that would stick with me I hope the rest of my life. 571 more words

Life's Words

Do you know how to treat your staffs?! Here's a note how. (Reminder for future self)

After work today, one of my colleagues treated us to this nice place with all sorts of food and stuff. It was really nice of them to have invited me considering I’ve only been there for a month and I’m only an intern. 613 more words