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postcard from the future

Dear 29-year-old self,

First, the practical advice:

You are not that old. Don’t despair; you will not die alone. You do not need Prozac.

Fitting into a size 6 is hardly a good reason to give up carbohydrates. 131 more words

When Your Spouse Retires First

More than 47 percent of married couples are in dual-income families, and as the retirement ages are all in flux now it’s becoming quite common for one partner to retire while the other keeps working. 661 more words


Thinking about our Roots

Root Cause is a way of thinking that allows us to continually improve complex systems with both manageable and emergent properties.  It implies an ordered sequence of events.  380 more words


December 16- A step closer

Dear December,

I feel I need motivation, some fuel, so I might do something today that my future self might thank me for: a haircut, to begin with.  94 more words

Personal Development

Do You Believe in Luck or Sheer Hard Work?

Talk Therapies asked me the other day

“How lucky are you?”

Well, so are you lucky? – Do you believe in luck?

I’m a pretty, ‘feet on the ground’, type of gal and have always believed in a good work ethic as being prime to self-help, however, I think timing has an awful lot to do with your success. 409 more words


#reverb14 // Dear Self, ...

Day 12 – Future Self – Write a letter to your future self, telling the future you about what you hope for you

If I had written a letter to my 30 something year old self back when I was 20 something with my hopes and dreams, I would read that letter now and laugh hysterically.  146 more words

Life In General

Day 35 to 37

Everyday is still improvement. I am surpassing what I thought was good, when things were going well. It’s an exceptional feeling.
New things arise, but thanks to my soul searching, I have learned ways of dealing with. 296 more words