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Future Cell/Mobile Phones - They will blow your mind!

Watch this video, some awesome future mobile phones that you can expect to hit the market.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Before talking about advantages and disadvantages of AI, we should aware about “Artificial Intelligence”, what is mean of Artificial Intelligence – “Artificial Intelligence refers to the ‘intelligence’ of machinery, the ability of the machine has in understanding its environment and then the corresponding actions it takes.” . 102 more words

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Open the pod bay doors, HAL

Isn’t it amazing the intrusion of computers into our lives? All our old favorite sci-fi shows, books, and movies predicted a day when there would be this super-duper super-computer that would enslave us (think HAL from… 299 more words

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Molecules used to shrink flash memory

Thanks to Michael Oberlin for pointing out some technical errors I had in this article. They have now been corrected.

Scientists have used molecules to shrink the size of flash memory drives. 368 more words


Stick to the device will be able to generate electricity? Piece Battery is....

Prolonged use of electronic devices will heat, especially playing the game, after watching the video, even scalding hot water bottle full extent are saved. So in addition to warm blanket, which comes out of the heat as well as what is the use? 135 more words


Wearable tech makes your skin function like a tablet...

Recently there have been many new additions to the wearable technolgy market, but the Cicret Bracelet really jumps out from the crowd. What’s so different about it, you ask? 207 more words



What is it?

Bioprinting is like 3D printing, but uses living cells, meaning that organs and body parts can be ‘printed’.  It may appear in the near future, seeing as both organisations like Organovo and university researchers are investing and developing the technology. 393 more words

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