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Are we living in the tangible or the digital?

Since the industrial revolution fabric of our societies have gradually changed. However, it was not until the development of personal electronic devices that technology started to impact our culture in such a profound way. 621 more words


Seamless and Transparent

Okay, just so ya know, this post will reek of satire and sarcasm. And so, all this technology is simply amazing. I work in the world of tech and have been in the tech world one way or another for at least 40 years. 221 more words

Random Meditations

Zombie Nazis on Ice

Sharks, tornadoes, dinosaurs, zombies. Is there anything the Asylum Group won’t make a mockbuster about? Well, one they shouldn’t have made, all except for the last third or fourth of the movie (more on that later), is their Nazi/Zombie combo titled… 426 more words

Random Meditations

Back to the Future technology that exists today

On October 26, 1985, Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown and his sidekick Marty McFly hopped into a time-traveling DeLorean DMC-12 (powered by a flux capacitor and Mr. 245 more words

Makers Movement

Meridian - Terra Whiteman

Title: Meridian (The Key of Ascension #1)

Author: Terra Whiteman

Amazon Link: Meridian

Length: Roughly 273 pages

Reviewer: Shen Hart

Rating: ♥♥♥


Corvis Correll is a lethal revenant, sworn to serve the Umbra Syndicate in destroying the Moratalis Church.

1,055 more words
Indie Book Review

Future of Home Screen

I walked into the ARRI stand at IBC, I was captivated by Dolby Vision, the HDR Imaging technology which played back at 4000 Nits, 40 times the brightness of the today’s TV, it was amazing with so much details on the high end as well into the shadows. 385 more words


Finger Print Sensor Market Expected To Grow Four Times by 2020

Originally Posted by:  Aaron Tilley

Finger print sensor manufacturing isn’t exactly the most exciting market. Thats’s at least until Apple and Samsung started sticking fingerprint scanners into their smartphone. 43 more words