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Frank-N-Furter Taxi Cabs (Ireland) & 1982 Sci-Fi

A drunk taxi driver tried to kill me in Ireland, but I’m still here. The greatest part of that – in hindsight – was one of the women sitting in the back of the vehicle yelling… 147 more words


Blackberry Empathy

Blackberry Empathy

For their sponsored project held by RIM Blackberry at the Art Center College of Design, designers Kiki and Daniel had to incorporate an interface that integrates human emotions with the concept of social networking. 64 more words


Intercontinental brain to brain communication

Telepathic communication and hive minds are a big part of science fiction. Last year this fiction almost became reality when one scientist controlled another’s hand with his mind… 708 more words


Sony’s - Hugging Camera Lets You Swap Out Lenses

Sony has never been afraid to get a little crazy. Over the years, the company has made OLED displays you wear on your face, Luke Skywalker binoculars that record 3-D video, tablets that fold up into burritos, and car stereos that transform into Walkmen. read More


New implant heals major bone injuries

A new implant embedded with growth factors may help heal major bone injuries.

Major damage to bones can be very difficult to repair – especially injuries of the face or the spine. 700 more words


Where Are All the Laser Guns and Flying Cars?

I’m disappointed with the future.

Yeah, that’s right! I’m disappointed with the future. One thing you have to understand about me is I’m an 80’s kid. 1,308 more words