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Phone of the future Nokia 2030

Phone of the future Nokia 2030

This junior project focuses on the branding of products, and this (fictionally) shows how a Nokia cell phone would look like in 2030. 29 more words


CIO 2020 Strategy - Proliferate, Innovate

Welcome to the third part of 3nayan Consulting’s series on the CIO 2020 Strategy. In the previous two parts, we talked about the CIO mandate, and Realignment (with various stakeholders). 203 more words

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3D Printing Body Parts

Ordinary inkjet printers can be converted into 3D printers that layer material, usually plastic or metal, to build up a 3D object from a blueprint. 3D printers were born in the 80s, but the last couple of years have seen huge improvements in available technology and there has been a 3D printing boom. 248 more words


Microsoft and MIT Researchers are trying to make reading glasses extinct!

Scared? Ah c’mon! The researchers at MIT and Microsoft are currently developing a display that would render your reading glasses useless. Relax, you won’t be separated from your reading glasses soon. 251 more words


How camouflage may make better pacemakers

Nature has had millions of years to come up with solutions to biological problems. We can learn a lot from nature if we just stop and look. 211 more words


Reading minds with SQUIDs

In the dystopian world of my novel, the government forces people to have annual scans in machines that read their memories. In the real world that isn’t possible yet, but it is possible to ‘read’ brain function by magnetoencephalography (MEG). 291 more words