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US Navy Wants Robots To Train Troops

The US Navy is extremely interested in improving training for Marines and ensuring they’re prepared for missions – and it’s looking into the possibility of using robots to achieve those goals. 405 more words

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Nanobot Human Trials Begin Soon

“No, no it’s not science fiction; it’s already happening,” said Ido Bachelet to a somewhat incredulous audience member at a London event late last year. Bachelet, previously of Harvard’s Wyss Institute and faculty member at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University, is a leading figure in the field of DNA nanotechnology. 676 more words

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Google Creates Synthetic Skin For Cancer Detection

Google’s clandestine cutting-edge health research facility has created synthetic human skin as part of its innovative cancer detecting project that aims to prevent the disease before it develops, US media has revealed. 306 more words

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Woman Born Genetically Male Gives Birth to 'Miracle Twins'

A woman who was told she would never have children because she was born with no reproductive organs has given birth to twin girls.

Hayley Haynes had the miracle babies, Avery and Darcey, after hormone therapy enabled her to grow a womb. 960 more words

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Technology of Light

There will be a new technology called the ‘technology of light’. We will begin to use light directly from the sun. All forms of power used today will become obsolete. 309 more words

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Halfway to Iron Man: Hands On With the Myo Motion Control Armband

Thalmic’s Myo Gesture Control Arm band is controlled via waves and hand gestures. 903 more words

European 'Space Taxi' Set To Test Launch Mid-February

Europe’s version of a ‘space taxi’ is prepared for 100-minute test flight at hypersonic speed on February 11. The vehicle has been developed over five years at a cost of €150 million ($225 million). 223 more words

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