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3 Future Trends That Retailers Need To Know About Now

“I don’t make predictions. I never have and I never will” – Tony Blair

Making predictions is a tricky thing to do. Usually you are just setting yourself up for a fall.

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iDisrupted: Disruptive technology, changing the human race forever

A new book entitled iDisrupted: Disruptive technology, changing the human race forever looks at how technology will change the economy, business and even the human race. 380 more words


Bookbuzz Review - Digital marketing; Brian Solis or Robert Coorey?

 “Marketing is a hot topic for our clients. With an increasing emphasis on internal marketing and ensuring that the brand internally is aligned with the brand externally. 233 more words


How To Survive The Coming Chaos: Hope For The Best, But Prepare For The Worst

Prepper (noun): An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances or lifestyle without significant reliance on other persons (i.e., being self-reliant), or without substantial assistance from outside resources (govt., etc.) in order to minimize the effects of that change on their current lifestyle. 3,709 more words

Decline Of America

Google Gets Serious About Artificial Intelligence

Trend Summary: Google and Oxford University are to jointly research artificial intelligence with the aim of enabling machines to better understand human users.

In an article posted on the… 50 more words


Global Video-On-Demand to Leap 38% in 2014-15

Trend Summary: Worldwide video-on-demand subscription services will continue to soar with double-digit percentage gains through 2015 and beyond.

US-based information technology research and advisory firm… 47 more words


FORECAST: Ambulatory surgery volume in hospitals will increase 8 to 16 percent annually 2014 to 2021

One of my favorite things to find is a forecast!  It is rare that one can find a good educated guess about the future.  This study analyzed ambulatory surgery procedure time in hospital outpatient departments versus freestanding ambulatory surgery centers. 93 more words

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