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Welcome to 'Adulthood': the surprise party that isn't much of a party

The really great thing about being back at my parents’ house.. huh..

Minus saving money and getting to visit with my parents I can’t honestly think of too many positives. 406 more words

Metro Boomin featuring Future & Young Thug - 'Chanel Vintage'

Future and Thugger Thugger join forces over producer Metro Boomin’s “Chanel Vintage”. Keep your eyes and ears open for his debut project 20 and Boomin… 6 more words



Savor the moment of a new idea dawning. Simmer it until it boils.

Creative percolation is the rich bounty of our humanity.

Cherish every glimmer of your brains’ production. 8 more words


The Moment of Truth

There was a time when time mattered

A moment where I thought about the past, present and future
A drop in the pool of eternity… 35 more words



Chapter One : The Charity of Thieves  (excerpt)

The world was stolen right from under our noses and now the thieves sit mocking us with a glimpse of what might have been. 106 more words

Martin Hanley

July 28, 2014

Dear Friend,

I looked back at what I posted last year on this day. Apparently it was my day off when I was a T/C for this program. 400 more words