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in the middle of 7th semester

ketika kita tahu waktu berjalan sedangkan kita seperti berjalan di tempat, saya rasa itu sangat menyebalkan . yaps menyebalkan.

tapi saya tahu bahwa itu harus diubah, seperti presiden yang menurutku selalu bergerak. 161 more words

You Will Know Me

The Good Old Days

Lamentations 1:7
“In the days of her affliction and roaming, Jerusalem remembers all her pleasant things that she had in the days of old.”

Lamentations is a book of mourning that has been compared to a funeral durge. 401 more words


1 Kings 4: Solomon's government

Solomon created a comprehensive government that both ensured his kingdom was peaceful and kept supplied with all its needs. This chapter lists the various men who had responsibilities in running the country: 405 more words


Nestle will use 1,000 robots to promote its products in Japan

I have been writing about how taxi drivers, security personnel, and house help will soon be replaced by robots. Those low qualified -and easy to automatize- jobs will be within the first ones to disappear, leaving millions of low qualified individuals around the world with no access to decent means to sustain themselves. 283 more words


“Sometimes, neither reminiscing past nor cogitating about future, but only going with the flow becomes the very solution!!”


Deep Question Blindside Blitz:

Deep Question Blindside Blitz:
Reagan: What is your take on marriage?

Reagan: If you don’t have the same take on marriage as me, then we won’t work out. 137 more words

Understanding strategy, how Russia is not a threat.

Ever since the Ukraine crisis, tension between east and west, in particular between Russia and the US and EU, has increased dramatically.
There are many who are speaking of the second cold war and even some who will go so far as to say there is a 3rd world war on the way. 707 more words