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A Reflection of Freshman Year

Hi guys!

It’s Blake. School is starting soon, and Sydney and I are both going to be sophomores. I was afraid of growing up. I still am. 603 more words

Snakehips - After I Met U

For those of you whose been wondering what song this is at previous Snakehips concerts, it is called “After I Met U.” Apparently, everyone has been asking him what this beat is and he finally decided to drop it. 69 more words


Skylon Special Report: the Operator Business Case

This article is the first instalment of our special report on the economics of Skylon.  Differently from many existing Space companies, the full reusability of Skylon allows Reaction Engines (REL) to adopt a business model where the construction and the operation of the fleet are carried out by separate entities- in other words, REL plans to build and sell a fleet of Skylon to private or public operators, very much as any large aerospace company today does; Boeing and Aerobus, for example, don’t operate their respective fleet but sell the finished vehicles to the operators, namely the airline companies. 950 more words

Economics Beyond Earth

The car I drive in my dreams

There are many cars a man can only dream to own. Currently when I go to sleep I’m driving the new BMW i8, it’s the first car I have ever wanted that is not purely based on speed and what brand of car it is. 144 more words



Jeff and I don’t have a future. That is our future: no future. Maybe that was always our future.

Maybe I knew that when I met him. 285 more words

Ebola is a Bioweapon

I have been contemplating the Ebola outbreak lately.  I read everything I could find online and suggest you research.  I am not here to convince or post links as evidence, but rather to say when I think from meditation/prayer/vision and reading. 489 more words



For my first post I’ll let you know what this blog is going to be about.

I’m a university student, about halfway through my studies in Political Science and International Relations. 228 more words