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In Geek News: JIBO, could this Be the robot of your future?

Meet Jibo, he’s being deemed as the worlds first family robot. He has the potential to make a splash as the first family robot for consumers. 121 more words


CBMB: Simon Kinberg Discusses the Marvelverse

Simon Kinberg sat down with Latino-Review for a long conversation with Fox’s Marvelverse and his contribution to the development of these films. Kinberg talked about the relationship he now has with Fox as he has been placed in a guiding role for both… 1,629 more words


CBMB: Batman!!!

Of course, he would post this at 5 PM! Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder just tweeted out another picture, this time of… 56 more words


Where is she going?

We found out our placements yesterday for the next two years. I am lucky and happy and freaking out. It’s been some of the best days of my life so far, and I’m excited (and constantly exhausted) to keep going. 334 more words



For the past week I’ve felt unusually alright with my situation. As if something finally clicked and I now know I’m walking in the right direction. 113 more words

Longings And Relationships

I'm Ready

In order to truly let go of something, someone has to want to let go. And I can truly say that I am ready to let go of a certain someone that I’ve been holding on to far too long. 104 more words


The Sound of Silence

It would seem there is no winning. I feel angry at being betrayed. I know I can’t go back to the friendship once had. But still I miss you. 198 more words

Random Thoughts And Feelings