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Decision Time

if i could see to the future
what might i find there
that my decisions were sure

or would i wish i had stayed here… 54 more words


Such A Shame

It’s such a shame that you couldn’t love me
Couldn’t cope
Didn’t care
It’s such a shame that you don’t miss me
That you’ve moved on… 193 more words



when you were a child, did you spin stories
dream of weddings as girls do
create a husband of fantasy
was he dark and mysterious… 137 more words


Ut Meus Infantia

Not yet created

For many, many years,

But one day

Surpassing adult fears

You will be so important to me.

I want you to know… 54 more words


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What now?

Okay okay, last time I pick up this topic, I promise!
I stressed too much over it, I and probably anyone else is fed up with my whining and I actually am on a good way to change some major things. Here we go anyway!



Somethings are better not said ever. The past should be not relieved over and over again just to make some remorseful souls feel better. I forgive, I don’t forget, but I also don’t want to be remembered. 54 more words

Facts Of Life