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Solar Surge - Flash Fiction Story #8


By Mary Wright (me)

He lay on the asphalt, letting the warmth from the sun soak into his soul, his dark palms and fingers feeling the roughness of the ground. 868 more words


Sweater Beats - Cloud City EP [FREE DL]

To start today off right, I am finally posting Sweater Beats’ ‘Cloud City’ EP that recently came out. I’ve been meaning to post this for about a week now since all the songs maintain incredible feels and energy. 206 more words


#91: Amanda, Episode 3

Amanda is #91 with a fan score of 2.36.  What is with this girl putting sheer garments over pants/jumpsuits.  It’s not a good look, STOP DOING IT. 18 more words



“She watched the machines shoot at the running people who were flipped into the air. A car drove at speed through the wreckage. As Danni looked up from the ground, she saw a man driving with two toddlers in the back and his wife shouting and screaming inside. 58 more words

T. J. Blake

Axioma Apartment by Geometrix Design

Russian designers Michael Miroshkin together with his colleague and spouse in a single individual, Ellen of Geometrix Design designed a tremendous modern black and white condominium. 15 more words

These Futuristic Self-Cooling Walls Could Replace Your Air Conditioner

We have little tolerance for high days, little tolerance for expensive bills and mixed tolerances when it comes to harming our planet . But new technology on the home cooling front could be a small solution to all of these problems. 181 more words