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Reading Notes- The Queer Art of Failure, Judith Halberstam


***These are sloppy reading notes- probably not all quoted properly. I have done my best to note in (pg # of original text, pg # of Halberstam text)*** 1,879 more words

“Forest perambulations existed since at least the time of Magna Carta. They were ceremonial walks about a territory for asserting and recording its boundaries, that is, ‘beating the bounds.’ A perambulation was a kind of peripatetic map, or walkabout, in which briar-scratched skin, stubbed toes, aching legs aided the memory.

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Beautiful handwritten affect

Her is the kind of film I didn’t like, but would like to teach. Given the number of excellent critical reviews already out there, I don’t so much want to add to them as to use the film as a node from which to lay out a network of ideas from several visual studies texts. 860 more words

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