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The Collective Afterlife of Things

In 2015-16 I will be a Faculty Research Fellow at the Jackman Humanities Institute, University of Toronto. Released from all teaching and administrative duties, I will have the opportunity to devote the year to further research for one of my two current research projects on “the collective afterlife of things.” Here’s a brief description of the project. 265 more words

Continental Philosophy

Razer Horseshoes Provide Alternative to Rubber Shoes - Trial Use in Reining Being Performed by Craig Johnson

“I use a lot of rubber shoes on the front of Reining horses, but there comes a point when the rubber shoe is actually harming the wall of the foot. 123 more words


Are Humans Necessary?

In a recent article in the New York Times, Margaret Atwood details a plume of sentient ideation in science and technology research. “Science fiction,” Atwood accounts, “have been exploring robots for decades, but they were far from the first to do so.” The practice precedes our time and, in fact, lasts much of human history. 326 more words


Where in the World are the Westfall's: NRHA Futurity

This week we are living in Oklahoma City at the fairgrounds while attending the National Reining Horse Associations largest show of the year. The NRHA Futurity show features both the Futurity as well as many other regular reining classes. 475 more words