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Are Humans Necessary?

In a recent article in the New York Times, Margaret Atwood details a plume of sentient ideation in science and technology research. “Science fiction,” Atwood accounts, “have been exploring robots for decades, but they were far from the first to do so.” The practice precedes our time and, in fact, lasts much of human history. 326 more words


Where in the World are the Westfall's: NRHA Futurity

This week we are living in Oklahoma City at the fairgrounds while attending the National Reining Horse Associations largest show of the year. The NRHA Futurity show features both the Futurity as well as many other regular reining classes. 475 more words


Frog Belly

Frog Belly is a choreo‐story about how hyper‐empathy, kinship, futurity, and spiritual technology collaborate to bring forth a politics of resistance. Combining gesture, ritual, and sound, Frog Belly explores the notion of marronage through the sensorial, and asks not only how does feeling activate resistance, but also how does resistance feel?

Performing Artist

Bringing WHO back to life? - Now THAT is the question



The BBC article called “The ultimate comeback: Bringing the dead back to life” (07/14) discusses a medical procedure of which can not only revive someone who has been “dead” for hours, but also prevent any serious damage that would be done to the bodily organs due to lack of oxygen. 204 more words


Call for Papers: Human Futures

The Department of Women’s and Gender Studies
at Rutgers University Presents:

Human Futures

Friday, April 24, 2015
Rutgers – New Brunswick

Keynote Speaker: Alexander Weheliye… 545 more words