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A tribute to young mothers!

Oh no … The woman with the young baby is sitting next to me on the plane!!

My early prayers were that the weirdo in the queue who was intoxicated wouldn’t be next to me …can I take him instead? 624 more words

Greg Canty

Rocky Balboa and Irish Water

We were up against the ropes after taking a fierce pummelling.

It felt like there was no mercy as blow after blow landed and we were dizzy, weak and confused, nearly ready to give up and the heavy punches kept landing. 666 more words

Greg Canty

The Power of Compliments

I was checking my emails just now and I came across a fantastic message from a contact I have on LinkedIn, which cheered me up no end. 182 more words

Greg Canty

Gender Quotas or real change?

It drives me nuts whenever I hear it mentioned ..

New legislation in Ireland means political parties are required to ensure at least 30 per cent of their candidates in the 2016 General Election are women; any party that fails to reach the target will have its State funding cut by 50 per cent.  765 more words

Greg Canty

Cynical won't do a job for me today

A few things happened yesterday that left me going to bed feeling quite tired and cynical.

I woke up this morning with that same feeling. 51 more words

Greg Canty

Is the old dog learning new tricks?

Recently a girl on work experience asked me about how I got into PR, what I studied, and how I’ve seen things change in the industry. 639 more words

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The Dig Deepers

Everyday when you rock up for work you make a choice about who you are – could you be a dig deeper?

To not treat work as just a job… 155 more words

Greg Canty