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Hiding your story

We were having this big battle with a client about our approach to generating press coverage for her new business.

She has a fabulous new product, with some really unique features, which she has developed herself. 325 more words

Greg Canty

The Sponsor/Charity balance

The mutually advantageous alignment of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with individual charities (i.e corporate financial involvement in return for charity association) is becoming more and more an integral part of corporate business strategies. 521 more words


The "Vote for us" Awards

Should you enter your business for an industry award?

I received a “Vote for Us” on-line request by a really nice individual  from an organisation that we deal with regularly. 478 more words

Greg Canty

Tidy Towns and Broken Trees

We were on our normal Sunday morning stroll with our friends Tommy and Joan and the two four legged ones, Bing and Tammy and as usual we saw the fantastic team of volunteers from the Ballincollig Tidy Towns hard at work. 143 more words

Greg Canty

The Value of a Well Designed Website

We’ve all experienced it at one point or another: you go to a website and find it lets down the organisation – dated design, chaotic structure and last updated over 5 years ago are typical issues, You dig around but can’t find the information you need, the home page keeps crashing, the links don’t work, etc., so you leave frustrated and with a poor opinion formed about the organisation to which the site belongs to. 574 more words


The Dig Deepers

Everyday when you rock up for work you make a choice about who you are – could you be a dig deeper?

To not treat work as just a job… 155 more words

Greg Canty

Are you ready for the Upswing?

Our landlord is selling our building on Fitzwilliam Street and all tenants are required to vacate the building before the end of November. I can’t believe this is happening and that we are back in the horrible loop of looking for another office, just months after moving in. 938 more words

Greg Canty