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The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—a Small Hike

Mom and Dad were tired of working on the house, and Boom and I were tried of DOING NOTHING!!!

So Dad said, “Let’s go out to the desert and do a… 308 more words

Life On A Colorado Farm

Mind games

I need something to focus me.

Ivan is 15 feet away and I can’t affect his behavior without being obvious.
I like his bottom lip very much from what I can tell. 315 more words

Sex Addiction

Pumpkin Patch OOTD

Today I took a trip to the pumpkin patch in a cozy sweater, jeans, combat boots and a floppy hat! Happy fall! :)


Unhappy Ada Lovelace Day

Or, FFS:

Read the full story at the BBC News site.

Comments: WWJD and What Would Ada Lovelace Do (WWAD)? For the latter, either the real one or the 2DGoggles (and female-authored) version :(


Give thanks for unseasonal birds: parrots!

Medieval hit of the week (132,153+ on YouTube) and spreading via Reddit and sim:

Does that parrot ring any bells?
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