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This Dog in A Teddy Bear Costume Looks Like An Ewok and Will Give You The Warm Fuzzys

If you watch nothing else online at all today, you will not regret it. This makes you think Ewoks are real! Seeing this just makes me want to do the same to my dog, and slap a leather hood on him and a plastic spear to the arm and just yell “Uooo-Tee-Dee!” every few minutes. 9 more words


puff piece

objects in mirror are tinier than they appear


Just Released: New Blogging U. Ebooks

Our recent Writing 101 and Writing 201 Blogging U. courses were a huge success — so we thought you should be able to enjoy them even if your schedule didn’t allow you to take them in real time. 197 more words

Better Blogging

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Free open alt "writing 101": pass it on, send to students, share and distribute widely. More people writing is good. The more people write, the better their world is. The more they write, the better they write. Sceptical self also adds provisos: so long as this is good writing about good things and for The Good. Not publicity, advertising, marketing, and other commercial taintedness. Except if done elegantly and subversively, and with at least a soupçon of satirical wit.


is my favorite color these days…also the way im feeling, especially on sundays.


UPDATE / REMISE À JOUR : "La Consolation de l'amitié poétique au féminin dans le 'Roman de Flamenca' "

Le changement principal : l’ajout de commentaires supplémentaires, pour l’instant en forme de notes, à propos de l’autre côté des relations entre Flamenca et ses dames. 46 more words


spam of the week (2): commentary

If you thought academia was bad for over-conferring: people, welcome to the outside world.

I’ve often wondered if there were too many conferences in academia, and that constant conference-trotting might be a bad thing. 2,491 more words