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Couch Potato: My Favorite "The Simpsons" Episodes!

As we come to the end of FXX’s “Every Simpsons Ever Marathon” I wanted to take one last moment to look back at the 552 episodes and somehow pick out my five favorite ones. 855 more words

Couch Potato

FXX Is Bringing The Simpsons to Beaches Across the Country on August 30

Giant Installation Featuring Blinky, the Three-Eyed Fish, to “Wash Up” on Popular Beaches

FXX’s 12-Day Simpsons Marathon Continues Through September 1

The Simpsons to Air Regularly on FXX Beginning September 2 173 more words


FXX Is Pretty Much Going To Be 'The Simpsons' Channel From Now On

Are you sitting there, struggling to breathe, while watching the highly-rated Simpsons marathon? Well, get used to it, because once FXX has made it through all 552 episodes (they’re currently up to season 18 — be on the lookout for “That ’90s Show” at 1 a.m.), they’re going to… 69 more words


The Strain - "Runaways" and "Occultation"

We’re finally at the stage where the main character desperately tries to convince people of the danger surrounding them. It’s one of my favorite sequences during every horror film. 792 more words

Game Of Thrones

FXX's Latest Bizarre Ad For 'The Simpsons' Features Stupid, Sexy, Dancing Flanders

FXX has obviously been plugging the hell out of the ongoing marathon of every episode of The Simpsons with a series of mostly wonderful commercials, although Marge repeating, “Lisa’s red dress” over and over will cause a guy’s teeth to grind after a while. 83 more words


Who's The Most Evil Character On 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'?

If you watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia with any regularity, you know that its five principle characters are basically the worst people on the planet. 860 more words


D'oh! It's Throwback Thursday.

Unless you’ve been living under the world’s smallest boulder you may be aware that for the last week FXX has been playing all 552 Simpson’s episodes. 475 more words