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'No Dudes Want To Come In My Man Cave' And Other Poorly Worded Andre Quotes From 'The League'

One could go on for days about how The League’s Andre Nowizick is an easy target, because he dresses like a Russian house DJ, uses hacky lingo, and sometimes makes unintentionally innuendo. 168 more words


Minka Kelly Dissing Hallmark

‘It’s fun to be an actor, but as everyone in this room knows it’s a privilege to be a working actor. And it’s a triple privilege if you get to work on something you love.’ 322 more words

'It's Always Sunny's' David Hornsby: 'How do we degrade Rickety Cricket more?'

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Rickety Cricket—the defrocked priest turned disfigured alley dweller played by David Hornsby—is one of the most twisted characters on the show. 731 more words

Season 10, Episode 3 Review: Psycho Pete Returns

Hide ya kids, hide ya wives, because Psycho Pete is back!

The third episode from season ten of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia hit the air last night on the FXX with the “return” of Psycho Pete. 1,192 more words


'Man Seeking Woman' fan react: Third time is barely charm

Season 1 | Episode 3 | “Pitbull” | Aired Jan 28, 2015

Man Seeking Woman now has three episodes under its belt, and while not representing a run of an entire show, three episodes is enough for the viewer and armchair critic to identify the story and tone of a show. 904 more words


For most television programs ratings are lifeblood. FXX, a fledgling network that’s more interested in making a quality name for itself with creative programming than having a bona fide ratings monster, isn’t so interestd in numbers at this point. 867 more words


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Psycho Pete Returns

Last week, the gang tried to expand their social world through some disastrous group dates. This week, they go back to their roots with a visit from high school friend Psycho Pete and a reconnection with good old Rickety Cricket. 1,012 more words