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Jake Kersting

In the informative conversation that Jake and I had during fye, I constructed a quick bio of himself that is more or less observations. Jake has illustrated his body with ten tattoos. 69 more words


Lizi bio

I met a girl named Lizi about a week ago. She’s in the art field just like me and she has this crazy green hair color! 114 more words

Meet Sam Angie!

Sam Angie is an art education major in my FYE class. Her favorite color is RED. Also, she has the roman numeral XII (12) tattooed on the back of her neck, symbolizing the date she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. 16 more words



I am very much looking forward to my first semester of college. Being a computer science major, I am finally able to participate in and enjoy some classes. 39 more words


FYE Biography of a Student (College of the Arts)

Sydney Ransom

  • an only child
  • likes listening to music, shopping, sleeping, and hanging out with friends
  • comes from Evanston, Illinois
  • majoring in fine arts
  • has a Bichon-Shitzu mix dog named Bear…
  • 73 more words

Bio for FYE

Name: Bea
Major: Art history and Arabic
Favorite color: Turquoise
Zodiac: Libra
Family: Sister at kent, and her mom works here too
Pets: Two cats, Snowball and Alex… 14 more words

Briana's FYE Blog

This is my FYE class blog. I hope to start posting new and wonderful creations for viewers to critique and characterize my creations. Feel free to drop a message!

3D Comp.