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Cellphone wallpaper of mine

since i need to fix everything on my cellphone and IPAD, i use this one as my wallpaper

3 months na rin kasi ako di nakakapagpalit ng wallpaper so bago naman dapat :’)

Bring your Luggage to the Airport and other Hard-won Travel Lessons

Agent: “And where are you flying with us today?”

Me (after a long pause): “Hold on. Let me check my phone. I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be at the airport right now.”

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Dear Me

Dear Freshman Day 1 Raychele,

BREATHE. You will not be the only direction retarded freshman that cannot find the darn classroom. But seriously, don’t sweat it. 246 more words

Portfolio Rejection...I mean Reflection..

Looking at my portfolio from Semester 1, I learned that I am a lot lazier than i thought I would be in my first semester. Haha, well that isn’t entirely true but I learned that as an artist in your first year, it is extremely tough to be able to balance all of these different studio projects. 273 more words

What about my needs? Do those exist anymore?

The part of College that I was most looking forward to that hasn’t quite happened yet is the fun part… the best years of your whole life part? 263 more words

Head Hunting

So not only was it very easy to find someone that has my dream job, but she is also very special to me. Amy Sedlak is Lakewood High School’s Art 2, Art 4, and Ceramic teacher. 487 more words