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Fire in the Heartland / ALICE training

God, it’s late and I just made a weird kidney post and I’m not even sure what I’m typing but I gotta post about the movie and the ALICE training. 290 more words


Gallery Review for FYE

Last week I went to Miwa Neishi’s art gallery, Encounters (Sept 22-25), in the art building here on the Kent campus. It was really fun; there was food and drinks, and a lot of work to look at! 271 more words

Faculty Advisor

My faculty advisor, as an art education major, is Linda Hoeptner Poling. To be honest, I didn’t even know that I had a faculty advisor until our last FYE class- I didn’t even know what a faculty advisor was! 265 more words

Alice Training

So if you actually knew me you would know I am a very emotional person, and I can be set off pretty easily so a whole hour and some of discussing what to do if some murderous psycho decides to try and kill us all is kind of a heavy topic to carry on. 600 more words


FYE Blogs: Peer Review

I randomly chose these 5 students from my FYE class to review their blogs:

Noah Gfell

Savannah Graham

Quinn Kacirek

Jacob Snodgrass

Georgeina Ornelas

After looking through these blogs… 256 more words

Sex Signals

~Student Success Series Response~

Since I set this up early on this event has come and passed some bit, but on Wednesday September 3rd me and fellow blogger Miss Jamie went to catch one of, if not the first, showing of Sex Signals which is brought to us by the letter S!….. 426 more words


Conversation With Kym

So I attended to student success series thing called “A Conversation With Kym” and it was really inspiring. Kym is a successful actress with 3 television series on air and has been in several Hollywood movies. 70 more words