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FYE "First week" post

Alas, my second post for FYE, in which I’m supposed to go on about my week.

Well, on Monday morning, I got lost and somehow got so lost I managed to get to the Art building forty minutes early. 274 more words

Fye: first week experience

It was only when I was standing in the doorway of room 503 on the fifth floor of Korb hall on move in day did it really feel like i was going to college. 255 more words


My First Week

I’d say my first week went pretty well. I got a chance to look around campus and find all my buildings before the first day so I had some idea of where I was going. 76 more words


Largish Haul

I’ve been putting this of for ages, which is why it’s so large. I’m going to try to post smaller hauls more often. Keep in mind these purchases are from multiple trips, and both off and online purchases. 619 more words


My first week at KSU

My first week has been awesome so far. I just moved in with some friends and its the first time I have ever moved and have gone to Kent.  84 more words


First week at KSU!

My first week at KSU wasn’t really my first week since I’m a sophomore, but, it went good. Finding some art classes felt like a maze but I ended up finding them! 53 more words


Biography Fun

I had the pleasure of informally interviewing Savannah in my FYE class. I knew when she greeted me with a sarcastic “no” when I asked if I could sit beside her in class we were going to get along rather well. 160 more words