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A Simple Prayer

I think I need to ask You
to help me

I think I just won’t
Just can’t
Make it much further
On my own… 61 more words


Just About Says It All

Story of human civilization in 2 minutes by Joe Bush

History majors can probably add some, but overall completely awesome!

Maybe this is a glimpse of what it’s like to have a G-d’s eye view of the world–where time and space are inconsequential.  21 more words

Doctor In Context

I took this photo in the doctor’s office. 

No, this is not my doctor, but a statue of one on the countertop.  

What’s funny to me is how he looks in context of the bottles and anatomical models all around him.   94 more words


What is faith?


Looking over my posts to date, I see no mention of G-d, which is perhaps odd for someone who thinks of himself as a mystic.   809 more words


#BlogElul: Day 16 - Understand

I don’t understand a lot of things. Actually, make that most things. I sometimes have to forgive myself for the things I don’t understand. Not because it’s this great sin to not understand things, but because I expect myself to understand things. 126 more words


G-d, Thinking Of You

I saw this on the side of a car and liked it–simple and to the point:

“Praise G-d”

My father used to tell me that “There are no atheists in a foxhole”–basically every one shits their pants when that tank rolls overhead. 105 more words


What is Rosh Hashana all about ?

Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz who lives in Jerusalem and, among other places, teaches at Ohr Sameach and the OU Israel Center states:
Rosh Hashana is not about feeling guilty or asking G – d all kinds of personal requests.
71 more words
Rosh Hashana