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January 26, 2015

She had never, in the past, been confident in the existence of God. She had prayed, but it was in a casual, hopeful way, the way some people will have a cigarette on social occasions. 285 more words

Remembering who I was

For years I felt blessed. As a child I had been raised in a home where the rod was not spared and life was hard. Even with my unhappy home my school life was good. 670 more words

Domestic Partners

In Darkness and in Light

It’s told about king Solomon that when he was a young boy, his teacher said to him,’I’ll give you an apple if you tell me where is G-d’, ‘and little king Solomon, who already was the wisest of all people, quickly responded, ‘and I’ll give you two apples if you tell me where G-d is not’… 421 more words

Shabbat Shalom

High On A Plane. Because of the Elevation. Psh, what were you thinking?

I’m high on a plane, at 39,000 feet above the sea. Everything seems so manageable and small from up here. Times like these, looking down at the teeny tiny buildings, lakes, shorelines, office buildings, main roads, parking lots and high ways, I can understand how G-D doesn’t get overwhelmed. 675 more words



We, humankind, are insignificant specks in the universe. Yet, we matter.

“NASA released the largest picture ever taken earlier this month, with a staggering 1.5 billion pixels, of the Andromeda Galaxy.” 745 more words

Jewish Thought

?מה לך פה

During Shabbat, after services and dinner Friday night, a Christian man that was visiting asked me what I think G-d is. Initially I was going to respond that I prefer to use Negative theology, because we can’t really know what G-d… 223 more words


einstein's god

Einstein’s God: Krista Tippett and Theoretical Cosmologist Janna Levin on Free Will, Science, and the Human Spirit

by Maria Popova

“How we ask our questions affects the answers we arrive at… Science and religion… ask different kinds of questions altogether, probing and illuminating in ways neither could alone.” 2,211 more words