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Noir for kids

I was something of a latecomer to crime fiction. For most of my existence I kept away from detective novels, and the only TV crime drama that evoked any degree of interest from me was, um, the X-Files. 668 more words

Passionate Peace Is In the Sky...

Passionate peace is in the sky–
And in the snow in silver sealed
The beasts are perfect in the field,
And men seem men so suddenly– 254 more words

G. K. Chesterton

The Jolly Janitor: An Imitation on Christmas

This imitation of G.K. Chesterton concludes my mini-series of imitations. Those poor souls who are avid readers of my posts know that I have also put up imitations of Rudyard Kipling and Hilaire Belloc. 1,384 more words


Does God Exist?

A little quirk happening made me think of a quote by G.K. Chesterton from The Everlasting Man:

One of my first journalistic adventures, or misadventures, concerned a comment on Grant Allen, who had written a book about…

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Imagination, Myth and Meaning (Part 2)...

In Part 1 we started to think about the working of the imagination, of how it is an especially active faculty in children, and how rather than inevitably leading to illusion or falsehood, the imagination can lead us instead to a deeper and richer appreciation of the meaning of things. 2,357 more words


And She Only Reveals What She Wants You to See*

One of the major developments we’ve seen in crime fiction over the years has arguably been the move from the sleuth as a third person – as someone whose thoughts we don’t always know – to the sleuth as the first person. 1,051 more words

Agatha Christie

Sainsbury's Christmas Advert

Hmmmmm… They are using a war that killed millions of people, in order to sell chocolate… They are using the terrible tragedy of the first world war, and the incredibly beautiful and profound Christmas day peace, to increase their own profits… They are trying to connect which rich people receive our money, with our deepest longings for peace and humanity… But they do it so well! 294 more words