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” Tolerance is the virtue of a man without convictions.”

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For there are two kinds of paradoxes...

There is nothing that needs more fastidious care than our choice of nonsense. Sense is like daylight or daily air, and may come from any quarter or in any quantity. 893 more words


Question Of The Evening

I know that there are many “serious” readers that follow my blog.

Here is a special, guest post from Dewey Decimal’s Butler, entitled, Dinner With An Author… 35 more words

Ray Visotski

Serial Detectives

When I was a very little boy I had an uncle who was essentially bed-ridden for many years for reasons that I am still unclear about. 429 more words



I was recently taken to task by a highly respected fellow “old boy”, an alumnus of Marist Brothers Kogarah, “not so much for peddling atheism as for the fact that you have forgotten, or at least chosen to eschew, a fundamental principle of argument”. 819 more words

Twilight of Evening or the Twilight of the Morning? Both

There are two equal and eternal ways of looking at this twilight world of ours: we may see it as the twilight of evening or the twilight of morning; we may think of anything, down to a fallen acorn, as a descendant or as an ancestor.

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Inconsistent Attacks on Christianity

Here’s an article from Meditations-On-Life.com–drawing from the wise writings of G K Chesterton on the subject–concerning the inconsistent attacks leveled against Christianity by its critics. 20 more words