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Overheard Conversation

3/4 year old: “Daddy, when do I get a g-string?”

The dad: *laughing* ” Never!”

3/4 year old: “Because it leaves nothing to the imagination… 34 more words


Oh, what a feeling!

“Now these do feel a bit different”, I thought to myself. Yes, the colour was rather flamboyant, not particularly subtle, quite tight and rather a snug, all encapsulating, body hugging fit. 393 more words

Fabi-OMG! Romance Novel Model Fabio Caught Working Out In A Thong

Fabio Lanzoni loves to work out, but on a recent trip to his local gym he gave onlookers quite an eyeful. Click through the photos to see his interesting workout wear.


Alphabet Post: U is for Underwear

Here’s a brief history of underwear to start off your week. :)

Underwear, garments worn underneath outer garments, has been in existence for thousands of years. 394 more words

Jenna Jaxon

Meng nou saam; goggas en diamante…

Ek reken die vervaardigers van die realiteitsprogram “Come Dine with Me” verdien ‘n Oscar toekenning.

Vir dié wat droogbek uitgemis het tot nou; dis wanneer vier wildvreemdes; in vier aande, oor en weer aansit vir ‘n driegang ete by mekaar, aan huis. 1,569 more words

Expat Living

The day THOUSANDS of people saw me wearing JUST a G STRING

It was 4th of July in 2002, a day I will never forget!! Leo stopped by early that morning and surprised me with a New TINY Black G String and asked me if I wanted to try it out at a totally new beach from the Jersey beaches that I was used to.I asked him if the G came with a top (not that I would use it anyway) and he said it wasn’t necessary where we were going.That got me excited and interested and I asked him  WHERE ?He said we were going to Rockaway Beach on Long Island ,New YORK.He told me that  TOPLESS was legal in New York and I believed him!! 678 more words


Well Almost never !! I guess you have guessed by now I am pretty comfortable with exposing my Breasts !Throughout my adult life I have always tried to emphasize my strong features and played down my bad ones.I am not a very pretty woman face wise ( I usually never get a second look) but my body from the neck down is my true gift from God and my hard work.When I am dressed and in high heels my legs are Gorgeous (They really are). 299 more words