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Fabi-OMG! Romance Novel Model Fabio Caught Working Out In A Thong

Fabio Lanzoni loves to work out, but on a recent trip to his local gym he gave onlookers quite an eyeful. Click through the photos to see his interesting workout wear.


Alphabet Post: U is for Underwear

Here’s a brief history of underwear to start off your week. :)

Underwear, garments worn underneath outer garments, has been in existence for thousands of years. 394 more words

Jenna Jaxon

Meng nou saam; goggas en diamante…

Ek reken die vervaardigers van die realiteitsprogram “Come Dine with Me” verdien ‘n Oscar toekenning.

Vir dié wat droogbek uitgemis het tot nou; dis wanneer vier wildvreemdes; in vier aande, oor en weer aansit vir ‘n driegang ete by mekaar, aan huis. 1,569 more words

Expat Living

The day THOUSANDS of people saw me wearing JUST a G STRING

It was 4th of July in 2002, a day I will never forget!! Leo stopped by early that morning and surprised me with a New TINY Black G String and asked me if I wanted to try it out at a totally new beach from the Jersey beaches that I was used to.I asked him if the G came with a top (not that I would use it anyway) and he said it wasn’t necessary where we were going.That got me excited and interested and I asked him  WHERE ?He said we were going to Rockaway Beach on Long Island ,New YORK.He told me that  TOPLESS was legal in New York and I believed him!! 678 more words


Well Almost never !! I guess you have guessed by now I am pretty comfortable with exposing my Breasts !Throughout my adult life I have always tried to emphasize my strong features and played down my bad ones.I am not a very pretty woman face wise ( I usually never get a second look) but my body from the neck down is my true gift from God and my hard work.When I am dressed and in high heels my legs are Gorgeous (They really are). 299 more words

A Bank or A Brothel?

I have not been writing as frequently as I used to. The reason being; I spent the last few weeks digging into this blog’s stats, only to discover that some of you search for the strangest things on Google. 851 more words

Sex And The City

Sexy Halloween costumes!

It’s Halloween? Yes!
Why do we always try to make us look so scary and ugly in Halloween?
I like to make my self look sexy and mysterious in Halloween. 23 more words