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Spring ldap compounded search requests

I am new to Spring LDAP and would like to know the following. Is it possible to “compound” 2 or more searches in a single one, while at the same time using an iterator? 141 more words


[ Oneshot ] Birthday

Tittle: Birthday

Author: MarshMallow

Pairing : chẳng có cúp pồ nào hết

Fandom : Naruto

Disclaimer: Tôi éo sở hữu cái b**p gì hết ngoài fic, mọi thứ còn lại là thuộc về thánh Kishi, ý tưởng là về một tác giả nào đó 1,306 more words


AMV Roundup! Naruto- Enter the Sandman

Ha, this AMV takes me back–back to the days before Naruto was cool. (I sound so hipster) But no, seriously, there was a time before Naruto was everywhere and people were just discovering it over here. 102 more words


Destiny Part 1

Disclaimer: Masashi Kishimoto

Inspired by Cinderela’s Stepsister and others.

Jika kau ingin memilih. Mana yang akan kau pilih? Mati atau bertemu denganku?


Yamada Yuuri menghembuskan nafas kesal. 3,138 more words

Fanfiction Jepang

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Ini link untuk ending-nya: Destiny Ending. Untuk mendapatkan passwordnya bisa mention ke @Ayanoshida di Twitter atau kirim e-mail ke yoshidayano@gmail.com kalo saya nggak nyaut-nyaut

Sasuke, Kakashi and more to appear in "The Last" Naruto The Movie

Whilst Naruto Fans eagerly away for the latest Naruto The Movie, “The Last”, we have some preliminary sketches from the movie of the different characters from the series will be appearing. 186 more words

Daily Anime Art


I’ve been trying to get into the habit of drawing but as usual, achieving most or any goals that I have continue to evade me. HOWEVER, if I think back to the fact that I’ve gone from never drawing at all to completing a few small sketches here and there, it’s a vast improvement. 184 more words

Mecha-Kurama Appears! Mecha-Naruto Saves Village - Naruto Shippuden 377

Naruto Shippuden 377 see’s the turn of Mecha-Naruto into a hero for the village as he sacrifices himself in order to defeat the Mecha-Kurama that has just appeared. 569 more words

Daily Anime Art