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Cooley Cool

Cooley Cool drops “Grindin Freestlye” his second release this week!

“Grindin Freestyle”


Obfuscated logging in C

I’m writing a cross-platform “plain” C software. One of the emerging requirements is to save some sensitive user data to a log file for debugging in case of problems. 135 more words


AJAX in Wordpress - loading some data in 2 different divs.

I use the following jquery code to retrieve post content via AJAX in WordPress:

    type: 'POST',
    url: ajax_object.ajaxurl,
    data: ({action : 'ajax_page',
        post_id: page_id
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Listing *.json files recursively using php

I’m using php to list all files in a folder recursively:


$it = new RecursiveDirectoryIterator(".");
foreach(new RecursiveIteratorIterator($it) as $file)
    echo $file . "<br/> \n";
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Grown Ass Boys: Sketch Comedy Masterminds

For me, comedy is like an ice cold beer at the end of a long day, my chance to escape the seriousness of reality and get some relief from daily stressors. 583 more words


Interview with Grown Ass Boys Creator Brad Stoll

HB: What made you want to start GAB?

BS: I’ve actually had some experience before Grown Ass Boys, I used to make sketch comedy videos with some of my friends growing up but in the end, what inspired me to start up again was the moment I showed one of my old videos to a friend and then reminiscing/dreaming about another sketch group while getting plastered at a bar.

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