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有些人,活在你的生活中,感覺些多餘,可有可無;有些人活在你心裡,不佔據任何時間空間,然而他無所不在 並且不可取代。






The only one in a billion...!!!

“A whole stack of memories never equal one little hope.” Memorable days that can always provoke nostalgic vibes if the art of reminiscence dominates you. We all have been a miniscule part of the best days that life ever offered to us. 545 more words


Allu Wet Nurse

Yesterday Mark and I talked about how we are going to handle the nursing of Marisa. I totally want to breast feed, but I may be away hunting a lot. 639 more words

General Update

Gab's Scrapbook Project

Gab @ 1

Gab @ 2

Gab @ 3


Gab @ 4

Gab @ 5

Gab @ 6

Corny captions c/o me.

Pretty scrapbook c/o Che. 199 more words


Bakit Absent Si Gab?

I was chatting with Che this morning when I suddenly remembered to ask about Gab’s school…

Hmmm… I wonder why he needed such ‘vacation’… Stressed much, Gab?! 22 more words


At 22...

In a week’s time, I will be 23 years old. Are there any milestones that happen when you turn 23 or do you just add an extra candle on the birthday cake? 2,294 more words