Woman Up

The story of today has a really long prologue and I’d rather not get into it, but the gist is it involves lots of death glares, awkward public drama, and apologies. 421 more words


Blackpaint 469 - Portraits of Ladies, Lust, Murder and Mayhem by Land and Sea

de Kooning

I have finally got hold of the great Phaidon DK book, written by Judith Zilczer and with a number of paintings that didn’t find their way into John Elderfield’s Retrospective published by Thames and Hudson a couple of years ago.   798 more words

Painting, Traditional, Modern And Abstract, Conceptual Art

This Week in Reading 11/14

To quote the great wise man, Eric Matthews, “Well, hidey ho!” I had Tuesday off because of Veterans Day, and one of my classes randomly decided that this was a good week for no homework. 637 more words


Alfajores. One Hundred Years of Solitude.

On Saturday, visiting days for the prisoners, she would stop by the house of Gerineldo Márquez’s parents and accompany them to the jail. On one of those Saturdays Úrsula was surprised to see her in the kitchen, waiting for the biscuits to come out of the oven so that she could pick the best ones and cap them in a napkin that she had embroidered for the occasion. 917 more words


an obscure determination

“Dr. Juvenal Urbino had often thought, with no premonitory intention, that this would not be a propitious place for dying in a state of grace. But in time he came to suppose that perhaps its disorder obeyed an obscure determination of Divine Providence.” 9 more words


“I'll never fall in love again... it's like having two souls at the same time.” ― Gabriel García Márquez

I love this quote. Brilliant! But more and more, based on personal study, and many years obsessed on matters between the body and soul, I think that it is quite possible we are inhabited by more than one soul already, and when we love do we ever truly know who it is we actually love, which part of someone our soul(s) connects to, and which souls come and go as they please, sometimes leaving us in the dark, searching for the other or the same. 25 more words

The New World

Memories of my Melancholy Whores

I’ve loved Gabriel Garcia Marquez ever since I picked up One Hundred Years of Solitude when I was in uni and spent a month in spring living in the heavy heat of the South American rainforest. 864 more words