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Reflecting on 21 Life Truths I've Learned, As I Turn 21

I’ll admit it – I love, LOVE the sappy “How to Be Happy” “Live Your Life to the Fullest” “50 Ways to Brighten Your Day” posts. 1,997 more words

Book Reivew: Miracles Now: 108 life changing tools for less stress, more flow, and finding your true purpose

Miracles Now:  108 life-changing tools for less stress, more flow, and finding your true purpose, by Gabrielle Bernstein, is a wonderful go-to guide for anyone looking to get in touch with spirit or is on a journey to find their own inner peace. 285 more words

5 Pillars of Optimal Digestion

Digestion is the number one body system I work with clients on. Whether they come to me with skin issues, low energy, chronic fatigue or brain fog, it’s at least somewhat, if not completely related to digestion 100% of the time. 669 more words

Morning Inspiration

Every morning, I start my day with an inspirational video. Today I enjoyed this talk by Gabrielle Bernstein.

One of my favourite quotes from the video is:- 49 more words


Méditation pour le Courage

Depuis 3 jours, j’ai ajouté la Méditation pour le courage que Gabrielle Bernstein propose et explique dans la vidéo ci-dessous.

Pour un effet intéressant pour les exercices, pauses, méditations ou pratiques, il semble qu’il faille, certains disent 21 jours, d’autres 40 jours, de pratique quotidienne. 337 more words


Mind your Mantra

A mantra is a sacred utterance or group of words believed by some to have psychological and spiritual power. It can also be defined as a statement or slogan repeated frequently. 275 more words

Quick Fire: 10 Habits for World Domination

1. Set an intention for the week. How do you want to feel, act, be?

2. Take a few hours each Sunday, or whichever day punctuates your week, to prep some healthy and delicious food. 

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