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An Excerpt from The Curious Tale of Gabrielle

Alright followers and bloggers, It is that time again for another piece of the story. I’ve edited this one because it was long.

Gabrielle was walking. 353 more words

Heart washing

As children, curiosity is a fundamental part of learning. Everything is new, and data is collected at a very fast rate. I remember feeling permanently confused when I was young. 562 more words


Will We Make It Through the Winter?

It is fall, the trees are losing their leaves, and my head is defoliated as well. I cut my hair yesterday, taking it from a wild mane of curling tendrils down to the nub. 497 more words


Purple. Why?

Purple is the combination of red and blue, fire and water. Blue is calming, red is energizing. It could be a balancing act of the color wheel. 321 more words


Bringing a Friend to Yoga? Here's Something You Can Expect:

What is it about yoga? What keeps us coming week after week, while some are afraid to attend a class for the first time? This past week I was finally able to convince my friend to accompany me to a class, and though she had done yoga before, she had never been to a studio before. 592 more words


"Thank you, more please."

This past full moon, I can’t get over this feeling of deep gratitude. It is a common subject around yogis, but I don’t think it’s possible to overdo it. 589 more words


Vacation for Gabrielle!

I gave myself a gift next week, and I feel blessed for it. I will take my one and only vacation for the year. For the longest time I couldn’t think of where to go, and was rather hoping inspiration would fall from the sky. 580 more words