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Women Lead the Way in Making Decisions — Especially for the Home

Carrie Bradshaw knows shoes. And according to experts, had she moved to the suburbs from New York City, she might actually know shingles as well. Ironically, (and as unlikely as it may seem), these two things — shoes and shingles — actually go together. 410 more words


For Winter Roof Checkups, Start in the Attic

You’re supposed to check your roof twice a year. You know this. But somehow you just never got around to it. Now the weather has turned sharply colder, and who relishes the idea of climbing up a ladder to check the health of your roof — even if it means saving a few dollars on your heating bill, since the roof is the key to a home’s energy efficiency? 385 more words


“I’m Going to China to Get Out of China”

or: How an NYU Fellowship Changed My Life

or: Why I am Becoming a Software Engineer

I had a great job and was living in New York City. 1,759 more words