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Driving in a New City

It’s always fun trying to figure out where you need to go in a new city. What makes it even more fun, you ask? The other drivers on the road of course! 676 more words


why is it
that after all that we’ve been through
I still miss you

the pain still fresh
the stings and welts
are still raised… 136 more words



Yuck! These things are really gross. I think if I saw one, I’d scream like I was being murdered and run! Since moving here, I’ve not seen one myself. 510 more words

Pecos Bill Part 1.3

“Hello, Pecos Bill.”

“Professor Codswallop! How good to see you,” Pecos said, remembering how Dr. Codswallop created his anti-gravity motorcycle.

“How have you been doing recently?” asked Professor Codswallop. 436 more words

Amazing (Toupee) Stories

Recently, we have gotten The Wee Little Miss interested in watching a show called “Amazing Stories”.


I’ve been very pleased that she’s enjoying it, because it is one of my favorite all time shows from when I was a kid. 136 more words



Where my homiee..??


Patience in this Pyramid.




So I’m currently in that hair appointment. GAH. HAIR. SOCIAL INTERACTION.
The worst thing is that I’ve sat still for so long and my neck has been stiff the whole time that I’m literally fighting off a migraine (which probably isn’t helped by me being on my phone) and the extremely tempting urge to fall asleep. 574 more words