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Finally the final final

I just woke up.
And remembered that today I have ny final final exam of this semester (at history)
AND I’M NERVOUS AS HELL… 35 more words


'THAT' Book

One of my favourite series on my bookshelves is the Lord of The Rings trilogy. I tore through it despite the daunting size and ridiculously tiny font. 388 more words


Dolls Become Creepier With No Teeth

So many times in the past, I have seen a creepy doll and thought to myself, “Gosh, that is one creepy doll. I bet it wouldn’t be nearly as disturbing without those teeth, though.” 69 more words


It's Not Tinsel

We get tinsel every year for our tree.

But! Dear reader, did you know it is not being called tinsel this year? No!

It is now called “Twinkle Trim”. 89 more words


The things flight would fix...

Eliza <3

I’ll meet you in Never Land.
I’ll paint on extra stars as though the sky is stamped in numbers.
I’ll hold hands with the clock until it jitters, 193 more words

My Poems

Driving in a New City

It’s always fun trying to figure out where you need to go in a new city. What makes it even more fun, you ask? The other drivers on the road of course! 676 more words


why is it
that after all that we’ve been through
I still miss you

the pain still fresh
the stings and welts
are still raised… 136 more words