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Nutritional Makeover- Determine Your Caloric Intake!

This is the second post in my nutritional makeover series. The first post talked about stomach size and determining portion and meal sizes. If you missed it please go back to read it! 951 more words



Go ahead and put those clothes on so that when it is time to go you are ready and have no excuse! If I am at home for the day like a Saturday I go ahead and put my workout gear on ..go to the park with the boys in it, eat lunch in it, and then after my lunch settles I am ready to hit the gym! 

Weight Loss

Problems with food!!!!

One week with my food plan and i want to tell you all that i work so far 👍 how i know?? Because i gain weight,, … 185 more words

Very Funny! A little Real Life Old Mad Men Style Advertising

It’s hard to pick the first one to post!  I chose this one because it’s that shockingly stupid, but true. TELL someone to smoke as a form of loosing weight? 107 more words

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Feed the Models!

Dear Gap,

While appreciate your great deals and email offers,

I will not be ordering from The Gap until healthier models are presented wearing your clothing. 84 more words

I MIssed That Day Of School


Tired of not get the result you want ???

You workout and eat good food but you don’t lose weight or you eat and eat but you don’t gain any weight, 104 more words

Difference Between Good Pain and Bad Pain:

Perhaps the biggest adjustment a young ecto has to make when beginning his journey to the body he wants is learning how to lift with intensity. 494 more words