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Quit Smoking

Natural solutions for quitting smoking

So you’ve finally decided to quit smoking for good this time. If you’re thinking of taking medication to help you, stop. 646 more words

Weight Management

I Don't See It......Or Want To!

You know when you start putting on those extra pounds and you know you are on the way to bad things. When you stop looking in the mirror because if you can’t see that you’ve gained weight, you haven’t – sort of. 104 more words


I Finally Understand Why People Gain Their Weight Back

Let’s face it. We all can name at least one person we’re acquainted with who’s lost a ton of weight only to turn around and put it all back on. 417 more words

Weight Loss

[Rant]:Women, why do we keep doing this "body Image obssession" crap to Ourselves?

Men? Media? Society?

Maybe it’s all three. I am sitting here at work in a cubicle feeling fatigued, with a numb right arm just came from the health center and they claim my blood pressure is normal, ok got that out the way. 987 more words

Nycole Hutchens

5 Success Tips For Any Home Business

A severe winter snow storm could easily maybe you trapped in your home without electricity, unable to cook or heat your house, and could leave you without running water, sometimes for days . 465 more words

Weight Gaining Exercises to Put on Mass

Learn the best weight gaining exercises to gain muscle mass in less time.

A weight training program should focus on a few well rounded weight… 601 more words

Weight Management

Does this get better?

The night before last night I had 13 hours solid sleep. Thirteen!

Last night I had 12 hours solid sleep. Twelve!

Do I feel rested? No… 69 more words