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Little Shake

Over the holidays, we had some relatives come into town for a week. We spent pretty much the entire week with relatives and were hardly home. 305 more words

Cookies And Cream

Gaining at "that time of the month"

I gained 0.8 lbs this week.  Why?

  • Maybe I could have eaten better.  (Though I was “on points” for the entire week!  But did I overestimate my activity points, or underestimate my food points?)
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Weight Loss

time off healthy

I’m so sorry for being such a bad blogger as of lately. As you all know, I have started a new job in January and I still am getting used to it. 362 more words


quitting smoking , no longer a bitch to tobacco

so i have wanted to quit smoking for some number of years now, i have grown very tired of spending money on cigarettes and smelling like an ashtray. 507 more words


What's up?

I joined this challenge on Facebook where you give up sweets for six weeks. It started on the twelfth. I thought I’d join it because I was having a little trouble getting back on my diet, I mean my healthy eating habits. 70 more words

The First Law of Thermodynamics

In science a law is a theory that has withstood every challenge, has proven itself repeatedly in the arena of experiment, is no longer in dispute. 854 more words


Assassin Summer Watermelons: Is it possible that age has something to do on gaining weight faster? + magical recipe to loose all those holiday pounds in 2 easy steps


Ok, so lets start from the beginning my name is Emily Shu and Im a new active writer for Caramel Oats, im the only person in this whole room that doesn’t speak nor perfect Spanish nor perfect English so be patient with me, my native language is  Français, so you may guess where Im from, yep the amazing city of Bordeaux,  but thats enough about Emily Shu lets get to the point. 1,271 more words