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Sheldan Nidle Update - Delivery of Your Prosperity Packages - You will have Personal Trust Account - Secure These Funds - New Banking Rules - Repairing, Restoring Local Economies - New Reality Arriving - Prosperity, Abundance For All - 1-5-15

Sheldan Nidle Update

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Dratzo! We arrive with some very interesting news! The process, which is changing your reality, continues to move forward despite attempts by the dark cabal to delay it further. 1,307 more words

Galactic Federation Of Light


The home of Christianity is on the higher dimensions of the planet Venus, long said to be the home of Lord Jeshua. This is true; Jeshua incarnated upon the Earth as a Soul Aspect of His Higher Self, Lord Sananda Kumara, of the ruling Kumaran family of Venus. 186 more words

Visit the Galactic Federation of Stellar Nations

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► This video is a brief presentation about the Galactic Federation of Stellar Nations, also called « the Galactic Federation of Light », « the (Inter)Galactic Confederation » or simply the Galactic Federation. 185 more words

Galactic Federation Of Light