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And now for a tropical low

Active and unsettled weather will dominate in the run up to Easter, with a low of tropical origin bringing heavy rain and gales for many on Thursday and Friday. 398 more words

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A wet run to Easter

This week will again be dominated by areas of low pressure,resulting in rain for many places in the lead up to Easter.

MetService Media and Communications Meteorologist Daniel Corbett commented, “Overall this will be a wet week dominated by two main weather systems, the second of which will be loaded with tropical moisture.” 340 more words

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Windiest midnight since 1871 in the UK...

I was delving into the Objective Lamb Weather dataset maintained by the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia as you do, and decided to rank some of the parameters in the dataset and place them in a tabulated grid, and at the same time display the matching surface chart from the… 831 more words



It’s the first day of spring, and as the howling “wintry mix” splats against my windows, I can still somehow feel the first tiny tendrils of life returning. 225 more words



Tonight’s run felt a title bit fidgety.  Things went really well and I managed to crack 6K but there were a few anomalies.

To start with I wanted to know what the time was so pressed the button on my Garmin but pressed the wrong one.   319 more words


The approach of Cyclone Lusi

Cyclone Lusi has moved out of the tropics and is now approaching northern New Zealand.

RSMC Wellington has now taken over regional responsibility for monitoring Lusi, currently a Category 2 tropical cyclone lying about 800 kilometres north of Cape Reinga. 483 more words

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A day of destruction as a funnel hits our allotments

Last week a wild wind phenomenon hit our allotments and left a trail of destruction in its wake. A “funnel” tore its way across the plots and it flattened sheds in its path. 590 more words