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E-Encyclopedia for the K-5 Crowd

Ok, so it is time for your child to gather information about a topic. Send them to the internet right? WRONG. The free internet or World Wild Web (Wild Web for short and how I will mention it on this blog) is a bit too much for young children to handle. 415 more words

New Technology Blog

I have always had a great interest in electronics and technical things. Over the past few years I worked on a number of projects which I would really like to share on my blog. 116 more words


What Are Animals Thinking?

The mind of an animal is a far richer, more complex thing than most people know — as a new TIME book reveals. Let’s be honest, you’d probably rather die than wake up tomorrow morning and find out you’d turned into an animal. 57 more words


I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use. 71 more words


The Final Frontier

Mark Uymatiao

Space is something that is constantly created. Every time we look around, every time we realize something, space is created in which we learn more than we had that few moments ago. 430 more words

August 25, 1609 (a Tuesday)

On this date, the Italian mathematician Galileo Galilei marched the Doge of Venice (Leonardo Donato), his counsellor, the Chiefs of the Council of Ten, and the Sages of the Order, who commanded the Venetian navy, up the Bell Tower ( 529 more words


A bit of Orbital Mechanics

When I read about the failed insertion [1] of several Galileo satellites, I was intrigued whether they would have enough propellant on board to sufficiently alter their orbit. 1,158 more words