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Ain't that the truth?!

,,Wine is sunlight, held together by water.”
Italian scientist and philosopher Galileo Galilei


Hundreds of Parents Turn Out to Protest Charlotte High School's Anti-Gay Nun

The backlash against Sr. Jane Dominic Laurel’s lecture at Charlotte Catholic High School has been swift since last week she suggested homosexuality is caused by failed parenting and masturbation, and linked same-gender couples to child abuse. 663 more words


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One argument that has been presented for the new contracts for teachers in Catholic schools in Hawaii is that people are not sufficiently aware of the Church's teaching on issues like homosexuality. This report on what happened at Charlotte Catholic High School once again reminds us that urging people to remain in the closet to conform to where the institutional church is on the subject of homosexuality is not unlike the church's silencing of Galileo while it took a few hundred years to catch up with science.

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Pon una pizca de Brecht a tu Ciencia: textos de "La Vida de Galileo"

¡Hola amigas!

Hoy os traemos un post con un toque diferente, un toque de Brecht. Para aquella que no lo sepa, Brecht fue un escritor alemán (su nombre se pronuncia algo así como “brejt”) de principios del siglo XX, cuya más brillante aportación fue el iniciar debates críticos en torno a diversos temas mediante una literatura exquisita y variada. 831 more words

Al-Ghazali and St. Augustine on interpretation of holy scriptures

When I started as a graduate student in humanities, I had no idea what was in store for me. I just went there with the thought that “this is going to be easier”! 1,037 more words

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Creative Control in the Age of Kickstarter

How much creative control do we cede when other people’s money is involved?

Before I get to Kickstarter, let me throw in a historical anecdote. Galilee Galileo was not only the Father of Modern Science, he also earned a decent income from book sales. 957 more words


Science is always the underdog expected to do tricks.

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