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Sloth and Speculation

I’ve been playing a lot of guitar lately. That’s not to say I’m any good; for one thing, my midget fingers have never been able to master the dreaded B chord, which is constructed as a barre. 628 more words

Science and Philosophy Need Better PR

It never ceases to amaze me that I can read article after article disparaging a scientific theory or philosophical principle on grounds that have nothing to do with what is getting railed against. 969 more words


Custom Triple Gusset UK English Bridle Leather Briefcase

We have a triple gusset briefcase build out coming up that I will be posting photos throughout the process.  This is a big full size briefcase that incorporates aspects of a couple of my existing styles and also new customizations.  469 more words

How Its Made

New (to me) brand: Dark Matter Makeup!

Welcome, all! Today, we’re going to talk about a new-to-me indie brand: Dark Matter Makeup!

I recently made the decision to put an Etsy gift card I had to good use and try out some new indie companies! 2,533 more words

Schrödinger's Joke - Observe With Care!

Here’s a joke involving Schrödinger’s Cat*. Let me be the first to comment that the act of observing the joke might kill it.

The joke also involves the work of Black Lace, who wrote the song “Agadoo”.   260 more words

The Trials of Galileo at the Square Chapel

Go along to Square Chapel, Halifax on Friday 30 January 2015 to see a performance of ‘The Trials of Galileo’, given a 4 star rating by the British Theatre Guide who also described the show as a Joy to watch. 85 more words

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I have read that the Catholic Church has conceded that the earth is not the center of the universe and after four centuries has apologized for burning Giordano Bruno, a Dominican monk, at the stake for agreeing with Copernicus and has asked forgiveness for threatening to do the same to Galileo and   forcing him to eat his words. 631 more words