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Think The English Language Is Easy? Think Again!

Sometimes we all think that the English language is easier than other languages out there.

After reading this, you’ll realize just how goofy the English can be? 112 more words


Code of Ethics for Bloggers

 Integrity: “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.”

Integrity serves as an essential role to bloggers. It is important that a blogger keep his or her integrity with every post they make as it can lead to a positive or negative reputation. 577 more words

Watermelon, Meet Hammer

I bet you don’t all agree on how amusing Gallagher is, with his giant, whacking sledgehammer and immobile, squishy vegetable/fruit targets.


But between the hammer and the watermelon, I bet you agree on which one’s the Republican and which one’s the Democrat. 491 more words

Tough on Labourism, Tough on the Causes of Labourism

By Peter Ramand and James Foley

I want to tell you what the next election is about for Labour…we’re Britain and we should never settle for second best…Britain should be doing a lot better…We’re Britain and we can do better than this…Britain can do better than this…A One Nation industrial policy serving every region of Britain…helping Britain succeed…optimistic about Britain and its future…I say Britain can do better than this… excerpts from Ed Miliband’s economy speech, 2014… 5,467 more words


AdiAddiction - A Very Northern Affliction

image taken from www.retrokillerclothing.com

About a fortnight ago I succumbed to something that has been lingering at the back of my mind for sometime now, and had my first online meeting with AA. 529 more words

Tv Tuesday. He's Alive !! (Shameless)

Ok, varias cosas pasaron este domingo. Game Of Thrones regresó triunfando, y dandonos un poco de lo que podremos esperar esta temporada, mostrandonos a los personajes nuevos y a los conocidos en nuevas posiciones dentro del tablero. 700 more words

What's the Story (Morning Glory)?

So as an assignment we had to make a Mandala, and I thought it would be a good idea to base mine on Oasis.

The task was to create a series of symbols that linked to emotions, as displayed along the bottom of the design. 95 more words