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The Hilltop, by Assaf Gavron

I picked this book up in the same swoop that brought me I Did Not Kill My Husband, and for much the same reasons. Foreign book, in translation, looks intriguing, and this one even let me know in advance that it was going to have some political satire, which was good to know because otherwise the beginning would have made absolutely no sense. 525 more words



Attention Book Clubs!! I am so excited to announce this very special book give away! Win a SET of galleys for Sarah McCoy’s upcoming (May ’15) fabulous novel, 299 more words


Coming Back to the USA - Reverse Culture Shock

This isn’t a book review. This is just me, bitching about Americaland. After being away for nearly two years (and not properly living here for much longer) I’ve come back and moved, of course, to Portland, Oregon. 583 more words

I Did Not Kill My Husband, by Liu Zhenyun

Gosh, what a strange little book. I picked this one out of the mountain of advance copies available to me due to its awesome title, the fact that it’s a book translated from the Chinese and I don’t read enough books written by non-Anglophone writers, and the fact that the description made it sound like it might be a little bit like… 518 more words