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another day another bowl

07.16.14 – Los Planes del Drake



banana from their banana tree and avocado from their avocado tree with gallo pinto y tomate


happily made it to our friends farm :)


Montibelli Reserve

Montibelli is a natural reserve located just 45 minutes from Managua. Most of the reserve is covered with tropical dry forest, and has many different types of animals and plants. 186 more words

England vs Costa Rica - a good excuse to make gallo pinto

I don’t ever need any forcing, but the Costa Rica vs England match was the perfect impotus to get some gallo pinto on the go. I cannot actually claim any authenticity we didn’t even have any pinto beans and kidney beans is no substitute. 95 more words


Brazil 2014: The Delicious Game - Costa Rica Edition

USMNT is gone, but the World Cup is not, and you still have to eat. Fortunately, Alex White has choked back the tears long enough to bring you the scoop on the most delicious of the eight remaining teams in the tournament…

World Cup 2014

The Big Climb - Volcan Concepcion

We headed off to Ometepe, deciding to skip the local chicken buses and take our own private bus. This gave us the time to stop off at a little surfing area near Rivas on the coast. 1,481 more words

Comfort Food

Food is a touchy subject anywhere, far from being merely a source of energy and nutrients, it is intricately linked to identity, emotions, feelings of well-being. 725 more words


Fried and Salty

Probably my biggest problem in Somoto up to this date has been the diversity of food-or lack thereof. It has been a world of difference coming from Vancouver where there are Asian and Indian supermarkets on every corner and Iranian, Arabic, Israeli, Latin American and European markets on every second.Vancouver truly is a foodies dream and has fuelled my culinary divulgences and explorations for the last five years. 531 more words