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Silent and Be Gold (Sometimes) :D

The Day Asking Me for Silent, Staring at The Time Goes Around

Sometimes, keep silence become the only absolute choice to do.
Silent and let the time flies away without notice.

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I'm Loving like Sun :D

“Love me like the sun loves the earth,
always be there in any earth condition
even sometimes invisible
but always THERE”

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Nature is for The Future

“Love Nature for better Future”

Nature give you much more than you deserve.
but, what you do?
NOTHING but a damage.

start from your own self to love the nature and serve them well by a little thing maybe. 16 more words


You Boy, I'm Girl, Let's meet Jesus 1st :P

“Before the boy meets the girl, both of them must meets Jesus”

if you a believer and believe in Jesus, that has to be the first rule for looking a partner of life.

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Download Manga Hentai : ANO NATSU DE MATTERU

Sedot yang satu ini, gan. Manga hentai Ano Natsu de Matteru bahasa Indonesia via DropBox…

Link Download via dropbox