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The Mutations, and The money-spinning design of Casinos; 14-Aug-2014

My favourite subject during college and masters’ was genetics. Topics such as gene-environment interactions that shape an individual fascinated me. They still do – the article today looks at how small changes in the genetic alphabet leads to major behavioural or biological changes. 290 more words

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Why should I understand the poker machines?

An understanding of the ways in which the poker machines operate is an important part in treatment of problem gambling.

We may assume we understand how these machines work because we play them often or because… 232 more words

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"Yes Can We Recover Without Knowing Why We Became Addicted In The First Place, But Sometimes We Do Know"!

 Hello Recovery Friends, Seekers, And New Visitors,

As ‘Gamblers Anonymous’ tells us, “We can recover from compulsive gambling without knowing the reasons why we gambled and became addicted in the first place” might be true. 1,419 more words

Hey, NFL, Welcome Back! ...A Preseason Primer

We typically use the word addiction only in the context of a harmful substance like alcohol, drugs, nicotine and porn. But when I arranged my entire weekend around being in front of a TV for the NFL’s Hall of Fame game this past Sunday, I started to wonder if football addiction could be a real thing. 1,868 more words

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Yes, I'm A Blogger At Addictionland~Expert under Gambling Addiction!

Hello Recovery Friends!

Many may or may not know that I was invited last October, 2013 to be a ‘Expert Blogger Of the Month on Gambling Addiction & Recovery by Author and Founder of Addictionland, Cate Stevens. 575 more words


Against the Odds: Student Gambling

According to the 2010 British Gambling Prevalence Survey, 73% of adults had gambled in one form or another in the previous year, and when you strip out lottery participants, the figure was still 56% in 2008. 710 more words

"A Fantabulous Re-Blogg Share & Review Of My Book Addicted To Dimes" Yes, Another One!

Hello and Welcome Recovery Friends & New Peekers,

Your all in for another treat! Last week was an awesome week for my book titled; Addicted To Dimes, (Confessions Of A Liar and a Cheat)! 2,834 more words

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