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tues 500* nba playoff major wager triple lock. 3, 500* nba playoff locks + more.


We have won 3 of the last 4 day’s on our 500 star NBA Playoff and MLB Triple Lock! We are on track to make clients a small FORTUNE as the winning continues with Tuesday’s 500 star NBA Playoff MAJOR WAGER TRIPLE LOCK. 640 more words

Eurovision 2014

Not only is the Eurovision Song Contest a decent excuse for an unhealthy drinking game and a chance to listen to three hours of Graham Norton’s ruthless and cutting sarcasm, it’s also a good place to find a bit of betting value. 445 more words


The romanticised idea of gambling

Gambling has been romanticised since time immemorial. Romanticised ideas around gambling emerge early, through the celebration of games such as “two-up” and figures such as Phar-lap in our national lore. 335 more words

Counsellor Sam's Advice

Leaving the Casino with $200.00

Dear reader I am taking $200.00 home from the Casino yay(I lost $200.00) over a day and a half of playing.

I lost $100 on the craps table. 40 more words


sun 500* nba playoff triple lock wins again! mon 500* nba playoff winner line super triple lock. 3, 500* nba playoff locks + more.


We just keep Winning, Winning and Winning as Sunday’s 500 star NBA Playoff Triple Lock wins again on Washington+4′, they won outright and Washington at Chicago over 180′! 590 more words

Why more governments should offer their citizens a one-in-a-million chance to win

People love lotteries. Almost half of Americans play at least once a year; Spain’s annual national lottery has been going strong for more than a century; and in China the national welfare lottery… 574 more words

Once an addict, always an addict? It ain’t necessarily so!

My latest piece is my gambling healing in narrative form…a testimony for those unfamiliar with the language of Christian Science, if you will. This is a new publication for me, with an engaged readership, so please do share generously, if you genuinely like the piece, which has been published in… 182 more words