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Thumping trees with teach you math.

New media is usually considered to mean non-print media in modern society. Then we have the broad notion of literacy, which people have attempted to broaden beyond its application to the written form. 364 more words

Game Based Learning

Serious Play Conference

If you’re interested in serious games, serious play and so forth, there is a conference on right now using #seriousplay which is throwing up some interesting ideas, research and resources. 167 more words

Game Based Learning

Valiant Hearts for History Class

Valiant Hearts is rated PG (rated Teen in the US), despite taking on some of the darkest facts and scenarios from the Great War. At $20 or less its a well produced, narrative driven adventure puzzler which smacks of the kind of French cartooning style of the nineteen sixties. 282 more words

Game Based Learning

Week 6: You won't know until you do it

Our team uploaded our capital-P “Project” last night to the class Wiki.  We created a “choose your own adventure” style game to give learners some information about gamification, game-based-learning, digital media, and a whole lotta theory. 324 more words

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After Minecraft comes ... Project Spark

When I discovered Minecraft circa 2010 when it was a little known ‘beta’ game. It immediately struck me has having archetypes which could be put to work in education (institutional and self-directed). 341 more words

Game Based Learning

The rise of the e-athlete

This summer, inspired by middle schoolers everywhere, I’ve made it my mission to figure out how to play Minecraft, and I’ve chronicled my efforts in a series of posts… 604 more words

Diving into Game-Based Learning

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Authors: Patricia Dillon, Marta Nattkemper, Alejandra Quaglia

For years we have delved into Educational Neuroscience which we consider fascinating. One of the biggest thinkers on the Science of Learning is the noted neurologist and educator, Judy Willis. 435 more words

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