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Tip of the Week: Game-based learning in the social studies

It’s the final day of the KCHE / MOCHE Best Practices in History Education. Last session of the day? On a Friday? In downtown Kansas City just minutes from the Power and Light District? 361 more words


Does Gee Lean toward Racism?

It is difficult to get through this 2007 book by James Paul Gee without being grossly distracted by Gee’s weasel words, e.g., it has been argued that… 331 more words

Book Review

CCIT's Fast Five

by Dr. Richard Kralevich (@rickkralevich)
Associate Vice President for Information and Instructional Technology
Delaware Technical Community College

In the word’s of the immortal Ol’ Blue Eyes* himself “The summer wind, came blowin’ in from across the sea.”  And now, just as quickly as it came – it’s passed us by. 188 more words

Educational Technology

How They Live Is How They Learn

By Rob Wiltbank
Web Application Developer / CIS Instructor
Delaware Technical Community College

Retweets, and Thumbs Up, and +1’s, Oh My!

It’s just not Twitter, Google+ and Facebook that are consuming a good deal of our students’ time, but also YouTube, texting, video games, and new media in general.   526 more words

Research & Theory

My First Build

I often get asked the reason I chose the Ed Tech program at BSU over other programs out there. I typically smile and tell whoever’s asking that I stumbled upon a particular course description when I was researching the program website, and I knew right then that this was the program I wanted to take — just so that, one day, I could take the marvelous wonder that is Ed Tech 531: Teaching and Learning in Virtual Worlds. 915 more words

1.2 Message Design

Go Mobile with m-learning!

In today’s world, don’t we all need everything on the click of a button?! Whether it is the grocery for our homes, or information about a beautiful holiday destination in another part of the world, or about coming up with innovative ideas for the benefit of the tech savvy corporate individuals. 244 more words

Tridat India

Can Drama and Theatre be Adult Learning Platforms?

Over the past few years, drama and theatre-based corporate training in India has evolved from role plays, ice-breakers and team-building activities into a serious tool. Companies are using it for everything from behavioral change, leadership skills development, change management to handling cultural and personal issues. 492 more words