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Gen Con Survival Guide

This was the first year my wife and I went to Gen Con in Indianapolis. The first day was the worst and that was mainly our own fault. 541 more words

Game Blog

Mario's voice actor makes funny videos

Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, Luigi, Wario and other Nintendo characters, created an Instagram account on Aug. 14. His uploads will either leave you laughing or at the least with a smile. 62 more words


Mario Kart 8

Tier 1 complete

With all the gold trophies, oh yeah.

I kind of held off writing this one, I think it was because Mario Kart 8 has had such great reviews everywhere it was kind of a lot of pressure to write anything about it that was worthwhile. 693 more words

Guitar Hero III: legends of rock

Tier one- complete

Just a quick one as I honestly thought this would be one of the last games I completed

Though it is only the story on easy mode. 147 more words

Harvest Moon A New Beginning

Wow Tier one complete

I’m really happy about this one I’ve never finished a Harvest Moon game before.

Tier one for this game involved finishing all 5 of the town restoration plans that old man Dunhill sets out for you to get the small town you’re suddenly thrust into back into shape. 625 more words

Tomb Raider Cool Moments (on PC at 1080p)

I am three hours into Tomb Raider after picking it up in the steam summer sale! I went from not being too bothered about it to really liking it within this time! 49 more words