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Project Echo - Game Dev Blog 1


So this is the first game development blog for my new Project, Project Echo.

Final Year Project

I worked with Project Anarchy to develop my Final Year Project Sky Adventure .I learned so much as a developer from working with this software.Working with a 3D C++ engine and industry standards like Havok Physics and AI was a great learning tool.While this is a great software there were difficulties the software was still in beta and quite overwhelming for one person. 215 more words


Gen Con Survival Guide

This was the first year my wife and I went to Gen Con in Indianapolis. The first day was the worst and that was mainly our own fault. 541 more words

Game Blog

Mario's voice actor makes funny videos

Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, Luigi, Wario and other Nintendo characters, created an Instagram account on Aug. 14. His uploads will either leave you laughing or at the least with a smile. 62 more words


Mario Kart 8

Tier 1 complete

With all the gold trophies, oh yeah.

I kind of held off writing this one, I think it was because Mario Kart 8 has had such great reviews everywhere it was kind of a lot of pressure to write anything about it that was worthwhile. 693 more words