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Retro Beats: Double Dragon

Sometimes I just want to play a game so I can hear some music that can really pump me up. One game I always have to pick up and pop in the ol’ Nintendo is Double Dragon. 204 more words


Playing safe might be the best way of keeping up

There comes a point when a club’s owner stops aspiring, stops dreaming and realises only one thing matters. He goes from window shopping at Fortnum & Mason to popping into a Tesco Metro for bread, milk and teabags. 691 more words

The Game

80s 8-Bit Nostalgia with Retro Game Challenge!

I found out about this game listening to a podcast and it instantly grabbed my attention. From what I heard, I could not exactly imagine what the game would be like. 372 more words


Facebook buys Oculus VR; the gaming community's response

If you’re a gamer, you may have already heard the news surrounding the Oculus Rift. On Tuesday, Facebook announced that they purchased Oculus VR for $2 billion dollars. 557 more words


The games I miss part two.

The second game in my list is Sonic Adventure 2 released in 2001 on dreamcast, but 2002 for the rest of us on gamecube. Of course I had the game on game cube with many of my other favourites. 415 more words


It's almost here! Elder Scrolls Online server times announced

The Elder Scrolls Online is almost here! Zennimax Online Studios held an AMA on Reddit a few days ago. During the AMA they released the exact times that the servers will open. 198 more words


The Oculus Rift is the future of gaming

Thalmic Labs released the video above on their official Youtube on Friday. The video showcases these really cool armbands they are creating that can be used with the… 286 more words