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"Compendium": a post-mortem

I never thought I would really have to do a post-mortem yet on my game, but considering that it made it as one of the… 872 more words

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'Compendium' is now available to play + vote for!

My text adventure is finally complete for the Insanity Jam 2014! It was quite the journey but I learned a lot! And possibly may have conquered my fear of intense javascript. 127 more words

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C'mon and slam, and welcome to the game jam

I apologize for being quiet here these past couple of days. I had just finished holding a dealers table at LI-Con, a local con within my area. 288 more words

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Small update... Okay maybe not

More like Super Major Update (Whatchu Talkin ’bout Cindy!). The news itself is big, this blog post itself not so much.

After taking a couple of weeks to sit back and step away from my game scripts for the visual novel, I went through them again to see where else I can continue with chapter two. 277 more words

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VN screencaps and another project

For those anxiously waiting to see what my game actually looks like so far, here it is! For promo purposes I blurred out names and faces from the stock photos in the screencaps here (despite them being free but they’re placeholder images either way, they will not be in the final version). 385 more words

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Do the Lua

Hello everyone! Figured I would drop in an update of what I’ve been up to. Aside from my ongoing visual novel project, and the other Unity one I’m working on with another team, I decided to check out other game tutorials out there for simpler games to make that would still be fun, as well as showcase my design work. 363 more words

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