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Game Design: What Is Game Design?

Maybe I’m just biased, but I honestly think that game design is one of the least appreciated fields in the industry. And a lot of it is because of the inherent nature of game design, but I think it’s also because design is an easily misunderstood concept. 4,126 more words


Project Totem Update #2


Hi again!

The project is finally entering full production as off today. We’ll be having a stand-up scrum meeting, detailing the plan for our alpha build. 641 more words

Feature Update: Village Upgrading

In my upcoming game, players will be able to upgrade their home village in certain ways, at the cost of gold. These upgrades will buff the player’s party in combat in different ways, as well as allowing them to explore new areas of the town. 166 more words

Gathering of Friends 2014

I first heard about the Gathering of Friends about thirteen years ago, when I first got back into serious boardgaming. Three years ago, I realized that I knew enough people over there to have a shot at attending. 1,359 more words

Game Design

Milestone done and onwards to the next

That’s it, today we showed everyone the gameplay proof of concept.  It was stll rough but very promising, much more if we consider the time it took us to get everything ready and running. 91 more words


Attracting people with banners!

Last week i had a task to draw a banner that would be placed  at our game station, my lack in experience regarding the use of colors (as i have only worked with white an black) made this task too difficult to do, that is why i didn’t post anything last week, it wasn’t nearly done. 296 more words


Landmark Games, Part 2

Last column related buddy Walter Hunt’s assertion that some games are essential to every gamer’s education.  While he takes the position a bit more strongly than I, he does also have something of a point.  789 more words

Game Design