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5E - Ranger Archtype - The Huntsmen

Astute readers will likely note the similarities to the Huntsmen of Annuvin from Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain series – and well they should. These are modeled in most ways upon them, though they also owe a nod to the… 332 more words

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Development has been pretty active lately, but I’m thinking on slowing the rate of posting to the blog. The rate used to be every three days, but things started getting irregular because of well, life. 242 more words

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Theory: Using Dice as a Design Tool

As players, we sometimes feel like we’re at the mercy of the dice–but as designers, dice work for us. They make what’s going on under a game’s hood explicit, and in doing so enable us to see and work with the often-obscure probabilities underlying the game experience. 889 more words

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3D1 starting assignment 3 modeling

I have started the modeling of Nils character Jorm! And this is how far i have come:

I am going to make some small adjustments but I am afraid to go ahead doing the hands now and head. 172 more words


Ratvolution Post-Mortem

Hello everyone. This is going to be a very different post. Maybe because there’s a chance it’s the last one. 

To start, i’ll introduce myself. My name is… 744 more words


Shadow of Mordor: Focus in games and downsides of the Nemesis system

I’ve beaten recently Shadow of Mordor. It’s pretty damn good. Tolkien-wise, dig deep enough and you’ll find contradictions to the lore (though, considering that it’s in the universe of the movie, one might argue that doesn’t necessarily count), but it’s a fun and visceral open-world game. 1,275 more words

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The Action Points Podcast! Episode 60: Picking Vowels with Sam Gallon

In this episode:

This week we talk to another board game designer who has a project on Kickstarter: Sam Gallon of Gallon Games with his word game, Pick A Vowel. 273 more words

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