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I just got word from Amazon that my new Player’s Handbook 6 more words

Dungeon Saga: crowdfunding and conversation

Dungeon Saga is a project on Kickstarter right now, creating a new dungoneering board game. A group of heroes enter the dungeon to battle against the evil hordes of whatever is standing between them and their treasure. 160 more words


Mobile Tutorials & Storytelling

Here is another excerpt from my Book. Keep in mind that it was written in 2012, so many of the best practices and example games are a bit out of date. 1,332 more words

Game Design

Game Idea: Ico (if Yorda was a dog that needed to poop)

Game Idea: Ico (but if Yorda was a dog that needed to poop really badly)

This isn’t really a completely original game mechanic per-se, because the description of the game is completely within the header. 663 more words


Game Design vs. Game Theory

First, I just wanted to note the addition of a blog to the links page: Game Design Advance. A number of NYU professors post there, on topics ranging from the expressive meaning (or lack thereof) of game mechanics to lessons game design can bring to the voting process. 327 more words

Game Design Theory

Happy Birthday Approaching Infinity!

Approaching Infinity is one year old today!

Of course, it was brewing in my head and on various scraps of paper for a few weeks before I started knocking out the first lines of code. 397 more words

Approaching Infinity Game Development

Check out Phantasm Adventures IV

Welcome to the world of Phantasm Adventures IV! This is the first of many books that will help you play this fantasy role-playing game. Use this book to generate a character for the game. 50 more words

Phantasm Adventures