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Outdoor Game

Hey guys I am back with one of my outdoor game basically its a physical game.

Name of the Game : Hit and Run

Setup: 314 more words

Game Design

On Telegraphing - Take 2

A revised and expanded version of a prior blog entry available here.

I want to go deeper into a topic that I think is highly relevant not just to game design but also HCI and instructional design; the idea of telegraphing. 1,754 more words


"Compendium": a post-mortem

I never thought I would really have to do a post-mortem yet on my game, but considering that it made it as one of the… 872 more words

Game Design

Rain part 2: Visual Mechanics of Invisible/Visible Games

Okay, I realize that I just wrote about RainĀ in my last post, but I’ve been thinking about it a bit more and now I’ve got more to say, namely about the visuals. 885 more words


Dash Jumper

After another gruelling semester, it’s finally out! Dash Jumper: Boost Revolution is a 2D side-scrolling endless runner action game developed for Android 3.5 and higher. Play as the rebel racer Dash, who steals a futuristic racing vehicle known as a Jumper. 79 more words

Game Design

Inspiration for aspiring world-changing game designers: Lessons from Toilet Trek

How has UNICEF used video games to help children? Today we want to share an example that shows how innovation can happen in the least expected places. 456 more words