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Spawn Room and Testers

Hey everyone,

Just a small update today – not much has changed, but I thought it was about time I updated the blog again. So far, I’ve added some detail to the first spawn room, though a lot more is needed. 102 more words

The Three Faces of Troupe-Style Play

The term “troupe-style play” is bandied about pretty often at my table. Other role-playing gamers aren’t always familiar with it. But the term may cause confusion even among those who’ve used it, because it can refer to more than one thing. 1,152 more words


Art Updates

We’ve taken a new direction with the way the levels are set up, in order to achieve the feeling of a dream world.

All the worlds will have a broken up set up, whether the roof is only partially there or like the family room and kitchen, broken off into sections. 57 more words


The Visual Question

I draw like a five-year-old with a decent grasp of color and composition. That grasp is led by unrefined feelings delight and disgust at whatever comes out on the paper. 637 more words

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Designing Microgames--Duel, Part 7

The Story So Far…

A new microgame is in development.  Duel supports two players, each with a deck of about 20 cards.  Players have a hand of 4 cards and may (1) play a card into an empty space, (2) play a card onto an enemy card, or (3) move a card one space.   901 more words

Game Design

A Thought On Final Fantasy Origins: Final Fantasy

I learned a lot during the first 8 hours of Final Fantasy Origins: Final Fantasy, primarily how to poorly design a RPG:

-Using D&D as a real inspiration, magic has particular levels and a certain amount of uses per character level per ‘day’ (i.e. 1,147 more words

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