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The Walking Dead: How I Inadvertently Started To Love Interactive Fiction

A while ago, when Season 1 was finally all done coming out for The Walking Dead video game on PS Vita, I remember buying the season’s pass and settling in for what a lot of people were describing as a “fantastic” game. 412 more words


Chancing FATE

I finally getting around to responding to a reader’s question…

“Hey, Scott, why do you hate Fate so much?”

I don’t hate FATE, so much as I find some of the fast and loose aspects (See what I did there..?) can create a much higher level of complexity that is needed. 407 more words

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Database Sprint Update #2

Today the website team met to work on interfacing between the community site and the addon database. We accomplished most of the sprint goals, including: 175 more words

Thoughts on the Old James Bond RPG

I was having a look over the retro-clone Classified which repackages the old James Bond: 007 RPG very faithfully. It’s no secret I’ve been working on and off on a similar project for a few years — slowed and distracted by professional concerns and child care duties. 487 more words

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Alley Avenger is Live! Open beta available on the Google Play Store!

Finally! After much anticipation, Alley Avenger v1.2 is finally playable from the Google Play Store, and I’m excited! As a marketing strategy, I haven’t gone public with this yet, but it’s hard not to tell friends and family. 119 more words

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Unreal Engine Blueprint 3rd Person Game Creation Tutorial

Unreal Engine just released a new series of video tutorials on 3rd person game creation using Blueprint.

You can view the Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint 3rd Person Game Creation Tutorial here. 76 more words

Unreal Engine 4

Theory: Make the Right Choice the Default, Part 1

I love fighting games–Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, King of Fighters (especially ’98 and, for all its warts, ’03), Virtua Fighter, Capcom vs. SNK 2, Marvel vs. 782 more words

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