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Don't Starve Review

April 23 2013

PC, Mac, Linux

Klei Entertainment


Don’t Starve has you explore an expansive world as you die again and again and still come back for more.  1,409 more words

Video Games

Gamind diary: Week 42 (part 4)

This weeks diary was a little bigger than I thought. If you read the previous three parts you know that I played about 30 games while on the weeked trip. 893 more words

Board Games

An Audience Post -- Gaining Them.

This’ll be a short post — but an important one. I didn’t do any work on the game recently, but I have been thinking about how this plan will work out. 112 more words

Game Design

Developing and Deadlines

It has been nonstop these last two weeks on this cannon game. We have made so many huge strides as to what it is, and what the player does in it. 187 more words

Digital Games & More: Playing at Playpublik

October 3-5 I got to play some games at Playpublik with other game designers from around the world. Playpublik is one of the many new festivals of urban games/street games/digital games/play that have popped up all over the world in the past few years (especially in Europe). 583 more words

Game Design

Magnesia reight for Throw me a 6!

This is my refight of Magnesia.  It is the first battle where I used a DBA army list.  I thought it would make the game run longer.  567 more words

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