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AirMess Sound Visualizer

Trying out a new audio visualizer for fun :)


Global Game Jam 2013

Back in November 2013, a group of fellow students and myself from Hull School of Art and Design (HSAD) attended the annual Global Game Jam. For those that may not know, the Global Game Jam is an event which encourages aspiring video game enthusiasts to get together and create video games over a weekend. 615 more words

Level Design

This. is. amazing.

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An incredible method of modelling/texturing being used in the development of the game The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Inspiring read.

The Dominance of 2v1 Lanes

I hear a lot of people talk about how much they hate 2v1 lanes, then propose their solution to 2v1 lanes. Those solutions rarely address the actual issues, so I thought that I’d do a post explaining just why it is that the 2v1 lane is so strong.

League Of Legends

Hello World! It's Time to Get to Work.

     I am here to establish an Online Environment for the sharing, spreading, and adapting of content for virtual worlds. Input from Artists, Coders, Designers, Map-Makers, Video Game Lovers, Table-Top Gamers – is very much welcome. 175 more words

Game Art

Shield, Grabber and more Fusions

This week as been…MORE ROBOTS! Yey!

We had our Alpha this friday, so my goal was to have at least all the base robots finished and hopefully the fusions too. 341 more words